How to Make A Bold Chalk Paint Journal Page

Posted by Kim Dellow
Love all the chalk paints and fancy using them to make a layered and bold journal page? Try this idea!

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Hi, it’s Kim Dellow here with some chalky journal page inspiration. Chalk is all the rage for off-the-page projects and home décor but it doesn’t have to just be for that. I thought I would have a play in my art journal and see what I could come up with. I really love reds and blues together so my page is heavily layered in these colors but go with your heart and pick your favorite color combo to try this out!

​Here Is What You Will Need:

  • DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish Paint - Rouge
  • DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish Paint - Whisper
  • DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish Paint - Treasure
  • Golden - Fluid Acrylics - 1 oz. Micaceous Iron Oxide
  • The Crafter's Workshop Template - Chunky Chevron
  • Strathmore Mixed-Media Visual Journals - 9" x 12"
  • Waffle Flower Flower Circles Die Set (not pictured)
  • Palette knife
  • Spare paper and card (not pictured)
  • Craft knife (not pictured)
  • Brush (not pictured)

Let’s Make A Layered Chalk Page!

In your Strathmore journal start layering up the chalk paint using a palette knife. For my first layer I used the Rouge but you could use another color.

Add another color over the top, I used Whisper next and did not wait for the Rouge to fully dry. I added all the paint layers quite roughly and I wasn’t looking to get complete coverage as I wanted a bit of each layer to peek through the one on top.

Add a layer of your next color, so Treasure in my case followed by another thin layer of the Whisper and let the page dry.

Once dry use the Chunky Chevron stencil to add a bit of texture with the Micaceous Iron Oxide. This paint is wonderful; it has a fine sparkly grain to it that gives it a great textured metallic finish. I added it roughly, not worrying if it got underneath the stencil and just using that as extra texture. Let this dry.

Die cut a scalloped shape from spare card to use as a mask and thickly add the Whisper paint through the mask with a palette knife.

Let this dry completely then cut a heart shape from spare card or paper with a craft knife and add the Rouge paint through this mask over part of the scallop shape on the page. Again let it dry.

Once all the shapes are dry go around the edges with the Micaceous Iron Oxide paint and add some dot detail to finish the page.

I love the rough look to this page, it is bright and bold with the hot and cold colors and I love how you can see the layers upon layers peeking through. I think the Micaceous Iron Oxide detail gives it an almost street grunge vibe.

Have fun playing.

Kim Dellow