How To Get A Resist Pattern On Yupo

Posted by Kim Dellow
If you have been experimenting with Yupo papers for mixed media projecst, you might find this handy resist technique a useful one to add to your toolbox.

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Hi, it is Kim Dellow here and today I'm sharing a fun technique that is perfect for all you Yupo fans or for those of you just starting with Yupo, this will be great for you too! Yupo is a synthetic paper that works really well with all sorts of mediums. You can use it with watercolor, acrylic paints, alcohol inks all lots of different coloring materials.

So I thought I would have a go with setting up a resist pattern using a simple china marker and share with you the results! If you haven't come across them before china markers are paper wrapped grease markers that write on all sorts of slick surfaces from ceramic to glass. My Yupo is white so I am using a white china marker and I thought I would share how it looks with watercolor and alcohol inks so you have two looks to compare and contrast.

Here Is What You Will Need:

  • Legion Paper Yupo Watercolor Pad White, 9" x 12"
  • China Marker Multi-Purpose Grease Pencils 2/Pkg Black & White
  • Adirondack Earthtones Alcohol Ink Denim
  • Adirondack Earthtones Alcohol Ink .5oz-Red Pepper
  • Adirondack Brights Alcohol Ink .5oz-Sailboat Blue
  • Adirondack Brights Alcohol Ink .5oz-Sunshine Yellow
  • Prima Watercolor Confections Watercolor Pans 12 Pack Tropicals
  • Brush
  • 3D foam pads

How To Make:

Draw your sketch or pattern on the Yupo with the china marker. Ok, so using a white pencil, on a white surface, on a white background does not show up so well on camera, but take my word for it I am drawing a pattern on the Yupo!

Add some color! To one sheet I added watercolor with a brush, changing color as I worked down the pattern to get the gradient effect. Then I let the watercolor dry. You do need to give it some time for the water to evaporate so set it aside somewhere that it won't get knocked or tipped.

On sheet number two I used drops of alcohol ink. At first I was going to just place the color inside the pattern but then I decided to cover the whole sheet so that we could see the whole pattern. The alcohol ink will dry much faster than the watercolor as the alcohol evaporates faster than the water. But again it is worth setting it aside for a bit in case you have any pools of dense ink.

As the patterned backgrounds are drying, draw a heart on two pieces of Yupo with the china marker. Cover one with watercolor in a color that contrasts the background color and do the same for an alcohol ink one. Once they are dry, cut them out and stick them to the backgrounds with 3D foam pads.

I hope this has got you thinking about how you can use this technique in your next Yupo project. To be honest I did not thinking the china marker would resist the alcohol ink but I think it did a good job. You only got coverage of the china marker where an alcohol ink drop touched the line directly, so keep that in mind for when you use this technique!

Kim Dellow