How to Decorate an Entire Party With a Circle Punch

Posted by Natalie Wright

Prep an entire party with your favorite paper and a simple circle punch!

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Hello creative friends! My youngest daughter has a birthday coming up, and I wanted to share how I am creating a really fun family party for her, with just a few supplies. Did you know you can create an entire party with just a simple circle punch?? Pair it with your favorite paper, and you can create everything you need for the perfect party.

Here are the supplies you need:

Your favorite 6x6 paper pad

1.5" Circle Punch

Paper Straws

Adhesive Foam Dots

Glue gun and glue sticks

Paper Trimmer

Bakers Twine


Fabric Treat Sacks

Glass bottles

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To get started, choose your favorite patterned paper, and punch about 30-40 circles.

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You are going to first make the garland by adhering the circles to your bakers twine using a hot glue gun. Make your banner as long as you want!

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To make your cupcake toppers, cut your paper straws in half, and glue them to punched circles.

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Insert them in your cupcakes right before the party is about to start!

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For the soda bottles, just trim a 3"x9" piece of paper, wrap it around your bottle, and adhere a punched circle to the front using an adhesive foam dot. I like to tie my drinking straws to the outside of my bottles with baker's twine so they are easy for party guests to find!

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I also like to purchase glass bottles that I can easily fill myself with a funnel, but if it's easier for you, just purchase glass soda bottles at your local grocery store that area ready to drink!

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To make the treats sacks, glue a few punched circles to the font of the bag, and then embellish it with ephemera, or left over patterned paper. I love these fabric bags, but any paper sacks will do too! You can even make your own with leftover patterned paper.

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If you have additional time, you can always punch extra circles to use as confetti on your table. Invitations with punched circles would be easy to make too!

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See, it's so easy to throw a whole party together inspired by a single shape! Maybe I need to try a triangle party next... Or hexagons! Yup. I am definitely going with hexagons at my next party. :)



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