How To Decorate A Mesh Bag With Ken Oliver Color Burst

Posted by Kim Dellow
If you are looking to add a bit of color to your pencil cases then try this mixed media project altering an Art Alternatives mesh bag with gel medium and Ken Oliver Color Burst.

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Hi, it's Kim Dellow here altering one of the handy little mesh bags that you can find in Blitsy. Now you might have overlooked these little bags but they are very useful if, like me, you have a lot of Blitsy art and craft materials to organize! Best of all they are easy to add your own spin to and decorate with a little mixed media magic. For my alteration I have used gel medium that I have tinted with Ken Oliver Color Burst to add a bit of color to the bag. The gel sticks well to the plastic mesh bag and it is also flexible so should bend when the bag bends.

Here Is What You Will Need:

  • Ken Oliver Color Burst Powder 6gm-Turquoise
  • Ken Oliver Color Burst Powder 6gm-Orchid
  • Art Alternatives Mesh Bags - 5" x 9"
  • The Crafter's Workshop 12" x 12" Template - Corncob Etching
  • Golden Extra Heavy Gel - Gloss, 8oz
  • Strathmore Mixed-Media Visual Journals - 5.5" x 8"
  • Palette knife
  • Scissors
  • We R Memory Keepers Crafter's Stapler
  • Mixing dishes
  • Water Spray

Let’s Alter Mesh Bags!

Add a healthy portion of the heavy gel to a dish or pot for mixing; how much you need will depend on how much of the surface you want to cover.

Tap a couple of sprinkles of the first Ken Oliver Color Burst color onto the gel; you really do not need very much at all as the color is really intense.

Then use the palette knife to mix the color into the gel; try to color the whole gel. Any bits that are still white will dry clear and colorless so you won't see them on your bag.

Place the stencil over the mesh bag and apply the tinted gel with the palette knife then remove the stencil and let the gel dry completely. Don't worry if you haven't covered the whole surface; in fact, if you want to add more colors to the bag then leave some areas clean.

Once the first layer is dry, repeat Steps 1 to 3 with another color of the Color Burst.

Place the stencil back over the bag, trying to match the stencil to the pattern from the first layer. Then add the new tinted batch of gel. When you have finished, remove the stencil and let the gel dry.

Apply some of the leftover gel onto a spare piece of journal paper and let this dry. Also color another piece of journal paper with the Color Burst and spritzes of water.

Cut out the colored paper into banners and staple them in place on the decorated mesh bag to finish.

You don't have to add the extra banner pieces to your bag, you can always just leave it with the gel texture, which is a great way to add a unique touch to these super-useful storage items!

Kim Dellow