How to Create a Valentine's Day Box and a Coordinating Card

Posted by Jennifer Snyder
Getting ready for Valentine's Day? Learn how to make a beautiful Valentine heart box as well as a matching DIY card.

Thinking about giving your sweetheart something from the heart? How about something with a heart! Create a decorative Valentine gift box and matching card.

Products Used:

Paper Mache Heart Box

Simple Stories - You & Me 12x12 Simple Set

Simple Stories - You & Me 6x12 Stickers

American Crafts DIY Glitter Tape - Gold

Strong Adhesive Glue

Martha Stewart Edge Punch Doily Lace

Foam Brush

Prima Art Basics Soft Matte Gel Medium - Clear Transparent

Petaloo Forgetmenots - Antique Red

Petaloo Bontanica Blooms - Coral

Petaloo Botanica Collection pink Spring Berry Cluster

Gold Glitter Ribbon

Paper Doily 4in

Gold string trim

Prefolded cards/envelopes

White cardstock - for card

Cream/Ivory Cardstock for border edge


Here are a few more images of the heart box:

I'll show you how I made this!

I started with a paper mache heart. When I am working with a product like this, I try to work with the natural kraft color of the paper mache. It's just so much easier than painting the box.

Create a temple for the patterned paper by tracing the heart onto your paper using a pencil. My paper is from the Simple Stories "You & Me" collection.

Next few steps have the potential to be messy. When I am working on projects like boxes and canvases, I like to adhere my patterned paper using Prima's Soft Matte Gel. I slather on a nice layer of gel with my foam brush, lay down the paper and then use a brayer to make sure the paper has no ripples and bubbles.

Once I'm satisfied my project is bubble free, I apply a thin coating of gel over the paper to seal it. You do not need to do this step, but I find the box will stay cleaner and be more durable with that top coat of gel.

This step may be the MOST OVERLOOKED step when decorating any box in my opinion - major emphasis on those words "most overlooked".

Place the top on the box (whatever box you are using - including metal tins). See where the lid stops. It's important to note where the top ends - or how far down the top goes on the sides. If you glue paper all the way up the sides of the box and cover the sides totally in paper, the box top MAY NOT FIT, or may rip the paper each time the lid is removed and set back on. No good! You need to think ahead. Take note and work around that potential glitch.

I pop the top on. Make sure it's secure and then trace all the way around the box marking where the lid stops. This is where my paper is going to end. I need to leave the rest of the side bare naked so the top fits properly.

The sides can now be papered in the same way the top was papered; a layer of Soft Matte gel, layer of paper, followed by a top coating of matte gel.

I punched a decorative edge and glued it to the sides. Once glued in place, I coated the punched border with gel medium as well. NOTE: where the paper on my sides ends!

Glue gold glitter tape to the sides. Now I realize the gold tape has adhesive on it but I take no chances and add my own glue. I've found it's better to be safe and secure, than to have my beautiful glitter embellishments peel off when I give the gift to someone.

The tape also covers up the paper mache sides perfectly and adds that finishing touch to the box.

I grabbed a paper doily and adhered it to the box as well. Paper doilies are very thin and fragile. If you don't totally adhere it to the lid, it will most certainly rip and tear. No good! Save yourself from the aggravation!

Add embellishments as desired. I added some Petaloo flowers, leaves, floral berries and gold glitter ribbon.

I also added just a touch of embellishing to one side.

To complete the lid, I added a sticker from the Simple Stories "You & Me" collection coupled with some flowers and gold glitter ribbon.

Here is the completed box lid.

Create a quick coordinating card:

This is a simple card primarily made of just some layers. I used a prefolded card because it's easy and the prefolded cards come with matching envelopes. You can score your own custom card as well.

Select the layers that will coordinate nicely with the gift box. I chose a journal card from the Simple Stories "You & Me" collection as the topper to my card.

Before you glue all the layers together, tie some string around the top layer and secure with a flower. In my example I used gold twine.

Final step is to add some foam tape to the layers for a bit of dimension and mount to the card.

Here is the complete card:

They make such a beautiful set.

Happy Crafting!