How to Create a Metal-Inspired Masculine Card

Posted by Dana Joy
Learn how to create a masculine card that is perfect for any occasion.

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Have you ever wanted to make a real manly man card only to realize you don't quite have the paper you want on hand? Well I have the solution! With just a few products you can make a metal card panel in no time. You will be shocked at how easy this is!

Surely once you see how easy this is you will want to make multiple card panels at once. Remember, you can do this with any Inka Gold color gloss paint. The hematite is just a great color that looks like metal when it's applied and dried. Make sure to use a heavy weight paper too. You don't want your paper to tear during the embossing process.

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  • Neenah Heavyweight 110lb Cover Cardstock 8.5x11
  • Art Alterative Artist Palette Knife
  • Viva Décor Inka Gold
  • Embossing folder
  • Die cutting/embossing machine

First you will need to apply a good coat of ink-a-gold on your card panel using a spatula. Continue to cover the entire piece of paper to ensure an even layer. You can build up the layers however you only really need one.

Once you have completed putting on the ink-a-gold let it dry just a little bit and then use a paper towel to smooth it all out. Having bumps and dips will take away for a clean look.

Now you are ready to put the paper into your embossing folder. Whatever embossing folder you choice to use just make sure that your paper is lined up correctly within the folder. You don't want to have a crooked design when you are done.

Run the embossing folder through your embossing machine. Use an added shim or a tan embossing plate to get a really deep impression on your paper.

Remove the paper from the embossing folder and check out that fantastic piece of faux metal you have just made. Pretty awesome right? Remember to wipe off any excess glossy paint that might be left in your embossing folder.

At this point your card panel is ready. You can add it to a card front like I have or you can frame it as a great piece of artwork. Making several of these really cool faux metal panels is an easy way to add a bit of manliness to your next card project.