How to Create a Gorgeous Card with Altenew Stamps and Inks

Posted by Meghan Quinones
You won't believe how easy it is to DIY this gorgeous layered flower card with Altenew stamps and ink. The end result is amazing!

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When it comes to cardmaking with stamps, I have to admit, I get a little intimated by all of the beautiful work die-hard card makers come up with. Their designs are elaborate, but they always make it look so easy! Well, the Altenew stamps and ink pads make you look like a cardmaking wizard!

Some of the stamps from Altenew make creating that cool, layered look easy as 1-2-3! They have stamps that are made to help you build flower layers, making the final result look like a piece of artwork. Their stamps definitely help in achieving the polished and sophisticated look we all strive for. I was so happy with how my card turned out. Normally I get serious stamp anxiety (you know, when you are afraid to lift up your stamp in fear it didn't turn out?), but not with the Altenew stamps and ink pads! Even though my card required a lot more stamping than I would normally do, every single stamped image turned out beautifully!

Check out the full tutorial below to see just how amazing the Altenew Stamps and Inks Pads are!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Altenew Painted Poppy Stamp
  • Altenew Inks (in Grapevine, Jet Black, Forest Glades, and Frosty Pink)
  • Corner Rounder
  • Acrylic Block
  • Tape Runner
  • Card Base
  • White Cardstock

Let's get crafty!

First, start by cutting down your white cardstock to 4x5.25 inches. You are then going to grab the solid flower stamp and stamp it with the Frosty Pink ink pad. I added two stamped flowers to my paper. One was lower than the other.

Next, you are going to grab the flower center stamp. Stamp this with the Grapevine ink pad. You will then need to line your stamp up so the petals fall in the correct area of your flower. I used the back of the package as a guide. You will stamp both of your flowers.

Time to add the outline and stem of your flower! You will ink your entire stamp with black ink. Then, You will aline the outline of the flower with the flower on your paper. You will stamp both of your flowers with this outline stamp.

Before we actually add the green stems for our flowers, here is a little trick. Take the solid stem stamp and lay it facedown on one of your stems so it takes the same shape as your stem. Then, place your acrylic block over your stamp. Your solid stem will be the exact same shape as the black one your previously stamped.

Once you get the correct shape for your solid stem stamp, ink it with the Forest Glades ink pad and stamp both of your flowers.

I went ahead and stamped my solid green leaf first. I then added it next to my smaller flower. I used the Forest Glades ink pad.

I inked the leaf outline stamp with black ink and lined it up with outer edge of my solid green leaf. Before I actually stamped my leaf outline, I hovered my stamp over my solid leaf and noticed the black leaf stem was going to be too long, so I wiped some of my ink off of my stamp. Instead of stamping your leaf outline stamp last, you could stamp if first, which would avoid the issue I had. :)

Grab the "you make me" and "Happy" stamps and arrange them on your acrylic block. Add black ink to them and stamp the upper left hand corner of your paper. Then, take your corner rounder punch and punch all four corners of your paper.

Add glue to the back of your paper.

Finally, glue your paper to your card base. Viola! You are left with a gorgeous card that took very little effort!