How to Create a Block Countdown Calendar

Posted by Chrissie Tobas
Whether its for a vacation, holiday, birthday or another special event, Countdown Calendars are fun! They build excitement for everyone involved and they are surprisingly easy to make!

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Supplies you will need:

Wooden Blocks (2 that are square: 1.5 x 1.5 and 1 that is flat: 4 x 1.75)
White Acrylic Paint
Mod Podge
Brushes or Foam Brushes (one for paint and one for sealing)
Patterned Paper (Simple Stories Say Cheese 6x6 pack used)
Letter Stickers
Number and Star dies (My Favorite Things Magical Memories used)
Black cardstock
Tape runner or adhesive
Paper trimmer
Die cutting machine (Cuttlebug used)

We are pretty much a "Disney" family. We've gone to Disneyworld (more times that I can count), Disneyland and we even are going on the Disney Cruise soon! Our Christmas tree and decorations are 90% Disney, too. So, I figured it would be safe to use Disney as my theme for our countdown calendar. But, if you aren't hardcore Disney, no worries! This idea will work for any type of occasion you want to use it for!

Start out by grabbing three wooden blocks; two for numbers (mine are 1.5 x 1.5 inches) and one for the base (mine is 4 wide x .75 high).

Now, paint them your base color (or colors). My plan was to put patterned paper on them, but I didn't want any of the plain wood to show on the bottom or sides. I used some white acrylic paint to cover everything up. I painted on 2 coats.

Let them dry. While they are drying (I know, it's agonizing, having to wait!), cut out your patterned paper and die cut your numbers. I chose to use the Simple Stories Say Cheese 6x6 patterned paper set along with the My Favorite Things Magical Memories dies. These are Disney-inspired supplies, but can be used for other occasions, too.

I had some stickers in my stash, so I trimmed out what would be the bottom front panel (4 inches by .75). The patterned paper had "MAGIC" on it, so I added stickers to make it the countdown!

I also cut out the top panel (4 x 1.50 inches). I adhered the front and top papers to the wood block using a standard tape runner. I knew I'd be sealing this later on, so the regular adhesive I had on-hand was perfectly fine.

Next, I die cut my numbers out of black. You will need 0 1 2 3 4 5 for one block and 0 1 2 6 7 8 for the other. Remember, 6 will double as 9, so choose a die that works for both of those numbers! I also die cut stars. The die pulled double duty for me, which was great because that meant less cutting. There is an inside star and an outline, so I made use of both!

I added the outline star to all sides of block #1, then added that smaller, inner star to all sides of block #2. Then, I ahered the numbers, using my tape runner.

My final step was to Mod Podge everything to seal it. I didn't want the paper peeling, numbers falling off or anything else to happen to my little work of art!

I let it dry overnight and then I placed it in my front entry way of our home. We have a little table in the foyer, with a Mickey Mouse frame of all of us from our last trip to Disney. So, there it sits, waiting to hit the magic 00!

So, now it's your turn! Make a Countdown for something special! And share it!!! We have a fantastic Inspiration section for you to not only view projects, but to upload your own creations, too!

Happy Crafting!