Home Decor With We R Memory Keepers Ruler Studio

Posted by Natalie Wright
Decorate & embellish your home with adorable vintage touches using the new Ruler Studio line from We R Memory Keepers.

Okay friends, ready for the absolute coolest new trend in crafting AND home decor?? This is the latest and greatest from We R Memory Keepers, and it's called Ruler Studio!.Remember the vintage folding rulers that antique stores once and a great while have for ridiculous amounts of money? Well, these vintage inspired rulers are much more affordable, and come in four fabulous colors: red, mint, white, and natural. I will take one of each, pretty please!

Not only can you get four different colors, there are three different sizes too. Wouldn't a gallery wall full of these be so cool?? I snagged my three favorite, and decided to make a whimsical star collage above my desk at home. I just LOVE how it turned out. Ruler Studio isn't just about the rulers too. It comes with tons of clips, knobs, and attachments for decorating and embellishing your rulers.

So. Freaking. Awesome.

Ready to learn how to make a star collage of your own? 'Course you are.

Okay, here's what you need:

  • Ruler Studio 9" Folding Ruler in Mint
  • Ruler Studio 9" Folding Ruler in Red
  • Ruler Studio 6: Folding Ruler in Natural
  • Ruler Studio Foam Adhesive Dots (These have a lower adhesvie, so they are safe for your painted walls!)
  • Ruler Studio Picture Clips
  • Your Favorite Photos!

To get started, open up your rulers and fold them into the shape of a star. To make a folded star, you want to open your ruler all the way, and then fold two pieces together at a time. Think about how you draw a star on a piece of paper, and follow the same pattern! It's easy, I promise.

When you have folder your star shape just the way you want it, use the adhesive dots to hold the folds together. The adhesive dots are not just for hanging on the wall, but for holding the ruler folds in place as well. They are a strong adhesive, but not permanent. You can take them off and re-arrange your ruler anytime.

After adhering your rulers and placing adhesive dots on the back, go ahead and place them where you want on your wall. You can use a level to make sure they are hanging straight, but I just like to wing it. They are so whimsical, I wouldn't worry about them being perfect!

After hanging your rulers, it's time to embellish them! There are so many different clips and knobs. I really like these little silver photo clips. They are perfect for photos and those little fun tickets and papers you collect when you travel.

I picked some of my favorite photos from a family trip hiking this summer and some inspirational Project Life cards. I love how easy it will be to rotate favorite quotes and pictures.

You can add as many photos as you like! These rulers are really sturdy, and can hold a lot.

So pretty! I hung these up a few days ago, and already I have gotten a few compliments from friends and neighbors that have stopped by. My kids love looking at them too! In fact, they have all asked for one for their rooms to hang photos on. More crafting? Yup, I think I can handle that. ;)

If you want to check out more Ruler Studio projects and inspiration, be sure to visit the We R blog HERE. I found there's tons of fun ideas on how to incorporate them into your home decor!