Here's How to Add 3D Dots to Your Next Project

Posted by Claudia Aguilar
Nuvo Crystal Drops add the perfect finishing touch!

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If you've ever seen enamel dots you know how enticing the shiny little domes of color can be. They look like candy, add instant dimension and take your paper crafts up a notch in no time. Tonic Studio Nuvo Crystal Drops are similar to pre-made enamel drops but better. What makes them unique is their versatility. You can create whatever size is needed for your project, you are not limited to only 3D dots and you can create custom effects by swirling and mixing colors.

Use them to:

  • Decorate just about any project
  • Create distressed textured surfaces
  • Create lines and shapes with stencils
  • Paint small details

Using Nuvo Crystal Drops is a cinch. Simply hold the bottle upright slightly above your project's surface and squeeze, depositing the product where desired. The little peak created when you lift the nozzle will settle into a perfect dome shape. The product can be applied directly to your project or practice creating the little pearls on parchment paper and once dry, simply peel off and adhere in place using your favorite adhesive.

Some fun techniques to try:

  • Alternate dots of two different colors forming a line
  • Run a pick through the line of alternating dots to create a chevron pattern
  • Use a pick to turn the perfect dome shape into a drop
  • Place several dots close together to create small flowers
  • Layer two colors of drops and swirl together with a pick

Have fun experimenting with Tonic Nuvo Crystal Drops on your next creation and see them in action below!