Heidi Swapp Color Shine Cupcake Toppers

Posted by Natalie Wright
Create lovely cupcake toppers with a little bit of Heidi Swapp Color Shine ink!

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Hi friends! Are you ready for the loveliest cupcake topper tutorial? If you haven't tried out Heidi Swapp Color Shine yet, you are going to be amazed! They come in so many lovely colors, and the have this lovely metallic sheen to them. Perfect for a pretty party, don't you think?

Here's what you need to make these lovely toppers:

  • Dear Lizzy Serendipity Watercolor Paper Die-Cuts - Words
  • Heidi Swapp ColorShine (I used Blush, Pink Primrose, Georgia Peach and Mustard)
  • Paper Straws
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Craft mat
  • Cupcake liners (optional)

To get started, open your pack of Dear Lizzy watercolor paper die-cuts, and lay them out on a protective mat. Color Shine ink can be messy, so make sure you protect your table top!

If you have never used Color Shine ink before, you want to make sure you shake the bottle really well before spraying it. Each bottle has a little mixing bead inside that helps you shake up the paint really well. After shaking the bottle for a minute or two, the ink should come our with just a few squirts. I like to test my Color Shine ink on a piece of scrap paper first to make sure I am comfortable with the coverage and consistency. Once your ink is ready, just spritz your watercolor lettering embellishments a few times. I like to squirt a single color two times in several different places. You can totally make your lettering the same color, but it's fun to mix it up too!

After spraying your ink, allow your watercolor letters to fully dry. You can use a blowdryer to speed them up, but I like to just walk away for a few hours and come back to my project.

Once your letters are completely dry, use a hot glue gun to attach each one to a paper straw or craft stick. Once the hot glue is cooled, you are ready to insert your toppers into your cupcakes!

That's it! So easy. And soooo pretty. There are eight watercolor phrases in each Dear Lizzy pack, so be sure to purchase more if you are throwing a big shindig. We are going to use these for my daughter's birthday party, so eight is the perfect amount!

For the cupcake liners, I just cut some wrappers out of solid white cardstock, but you can totally find coordinating cupcake liners at your local grocery store. I am all about easy, so just make what you have time for! The white contrasts nicely with the cupcake toppers, so keep it simple. These watercolor phrases would also look great on a treat sack or paper straw, so pick up a few sets if you want to coordinate a whole party!

That's it! So easy to give your party a definite "wow" factor. I am definitely going to pick up some cooler Color Shine colors like blue and green for my son's upcoming pool party!

Happy crafting friends!