Glue Gun Art

Posted by Meghan Quinones

If you are a crafter, chances are you have this tool in your crafting toolbox. I decided to take my trusty glue gun and use it for something other than actually gluing items together! I basically turned my glue gun into a pen. I used it to write words and create designs on my cards. Then, the magic happened when I sprayed over my words and designs with Ranger Adirondack Color Wash Dye!

When I sprayed my color wash over the glue art, it created a super cool effect. The spray wash did not adhere to the areas with glue on it, making my words and designs really pop! Just think of all of the designs you could do with your glue gun!

Here's what you'll need:

- Glue Gun

- Glue Sticks

- Color Wash

- Card or Scrapbook Paper

- Craft Mat (or other protective surface)

Let's get Crafty!

Step 1: Plug in your hot glue gun. Lay your card or paper on your craft mat or other protective surface. Use your glue gun to write a message (I wrote "hello) or create a design.

Step 2: Spray your color wash over your glue gun design. Let the color wash dry. That's it!

I really love the way this glue gun art project turned out!