Getting Started with your Bullet Journaling Bundle

Posted by Claudia Aguilar
If you've got your Blitsy Bullet Journaling Kit and are now wondering how to get started, this post is for you! Learn some tips and tricks to help set up your bullet journal as well as easy and fun ways to make it your own.

Setting up your bullet journal

Now that you have all of the supplies you need to start Bullet Journaling, it's time to jump right in! Your Bullet Journal has several helpful pages that you can read and use as a guide to get started. This approach is much more structured than a free form brain dump of ideas so don't feel like you have to follow these pages at all! If it is too overwhelming or rigid, simply skip the next section and check out the tips on how to use your bundle! If you are interested in the traditional bullet journal system read on below.

The traditional Bullet Journal Method

At the beginning of the book is a Key with blank grids to create symbols to use along with the main Bullet Journal symbols for tracking tasks. For example, you can add a circle to indicate that a task is open and an "x" can mean it has been completed. After the Key is the Index. These 4 lined pages are used to keep track of collections, or lists that correspond with a topic (i.e books to read, project ideas, etc.). Next is The Future Log where you can create whatever layout you want for any scheduled events or any tasks/goals you want to accomplish in the future. The dot grid pages throughout the book are numbered, which makes organizing and indexing easy. These pages are used for the Monthly log (used to track monthly tasks and consists of a calendar page and a tasks page) and the Daily log (where tasks, events or special notes are recorded). There are 3 different colored built-in bookmarks to mark frequently referenced collections. The Tips section, at the end of the book, explains how to Bullet Journal. If you are new to the world of Bullet Journaling these 8 pages of detailed instructions will help you get started. There is also a gusseted pocket at the back of the book for storing items like post-it-notes and business cards.

General Tips and Tricks For You Bullet Journaling Bundle

Use the Tombow pencils and Faber-Castell sharpener to sketch out your layout ideas using the grid on your pages as a guide. The included eraser takes care of any of the pencil lines you want to disappear once you are satisfied with your composition. Whether it's a daily, weekly or monthly calendar view, a list of books, recipes for meals, etc. you'll always have a tidy layout by using these pencils as your foundation

The included Faber-Castell PITT Artist pens have different sizes of nibs for a variety of uses. Use the brush tipped pen to create hand lettered titles and pretty flourishes. The other pens create a variety of thin and thick lines perfect for sketching and shading, outlining and drawing over your pencil lines for perfect layouts.

How fun is this set of Staedler Triplus Fineliner pens? Use the colorful fine tip pens to create colorful sketches and doodles, color code entries and fill in checklist boxes once your tasks are completed.

Use the super bright set of MAMBI highlighters to color code entries or to highlight important dates and notes. The fluorescent shades make entries pop and can also create bright lines to section off your pages.

Last but not least.....washi tape! Washi tape is a BuJo's best friend. These pretty rolls can add pattern to your pages and spreads, section of areas for lists and entries and can be used to index pages. Simply place along the edge of a page for easy reference later. Use strips to add notes or accents and to cover mistakes. A little washi makes everything better!

About our Bullet Journaling Ambassador

Don't forget your free printable! Start your bullet journaling adventure with a new summer sentiments by Roberta Ranieri! Our amazing Bullet Journaling Ambassador has created two amazing printables just for you to inspire your next bullet journal entry.

Download her awesome designs for free below! We recommend printing on adhesive-backed paper or regular 8x11 print paper to glue directly to your pages for easily added embellishments! Enjoy these warm and sunny sayings either in English or Italian. Enter your email then click your preference below to download.

You can find her work on Instagram, @qualcosadierre and on YouTube for added bullet journaling layouts and inspiration!

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Having a BuJo is life changing!

Being organized becomes second nature when you find a bullet journaling system that best fits your life and schedule. Remember, the most important thing to do once you get started is to play around with your supplies. Find out what works for you in order to create your own style and become comfortable with the process. There are no rules so experiment and have fun! This post contains 5 ways to use your Bullet Journal, check it out for more inspiration and watch the video below to see how you can easily use all of the supplies in your bundle together to get started!