Get Your Wheels Turning: Steampunk Embossed Metal Jewelry

Posted by Adrianne Surian
This steampunk-themed necklace puts paper crafting techniques to metal jewelry to create a unique accessory!

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My two favorite kinds of crafts are jewelry-making and paper crafting, so I love when I can create pieces that have elements of both worlds. If you're an avid paper crafter or jewelry-maker who hasn't tried branching out into the other field, this is a great project to try, because you'll be right in your element with familiar techniques and you get to try something new, too!


  • Sizzix Big Shot Machine (with extended platform & cutting pads)
  • Vintaj DecoEmboss Steampunk Die
  • Vintaj 1-inch Round Brass Blank
  • 16-18 inches small cable chain, antique brass
  • 20-gauge natural brass wire
  • Ranger - Vintaj Patina in Jade
  • Ranger - Vintaj Clear Mini Glaze
  • Paintbrush
  • Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block
  • Vintaj 9.5mm Lobster Clasp and Jump Rings
  • Round Nosed Jewelry Pliers
  • Chain Nosed Jewelry Pliers
  • A few 3-6mm beads

Place your brass blank inside the DecoEmboss folder over the portion of the design you wish to emboss. These folders work just like regular embossing folders, but they're designed to emboss metal. Roll it through your Sizzix Big Shot between a pair of cutting pads, using the #1 tab.

Next, paint the blank with a bit of patina. I'm using the color jade for today's project, but you can choose any color - or many colors - that you like! Allow it to dry, then buff it with the metal reliefing block to bring out the embossed design. To extend the life of your piece, brush it with a thin coat of glaze. Allow it to finish drying as you prepare your chain.

If you wish to add beads into your chain, I'll show you how! This is a totally optional step, though, so if you are just getting started creating jewelry and prefer to keep it simple, you can skip ahead to step 6.

Cut a 4-inch length of 20-gauge wire, and wrap it around one side of your round nosed pliers about 1 inch from one of the ends of wire, creating a loop. Take the small end of the wire "tail", and wrap it around the longer length of wire just under the loop. Wrap it 2-3 times, then cut off any excess wire.

Add a few colorful beads to accent your patina. I am using two 3mm beads, and one 6mm bead on each connector. Then, Form a loop at the opposite end exactly like the first loop you created. When you wrap the wire around, just be sure to fill the entire length from the loop to the beads, so that they don't slide around.

Next, cut a 1-inch length of chain, and connect your beaded connectors to each end of it. For most types of chain, you'll be able to open the individual links with your pliers, and close then again, connecting the wire. Some chain must be cut, though, and if this is true of your chain, then you can use small jump rings to connect all the pieces together.

Cut two more lengths of chain to complete the necklace. These will determine your overall necklace length, so make these cuts however long you like! I cut two lengths 7 1/2 inches long each, and connected them to the beaded connectors.

Finally, at both ends of the chain, attach jump rings. At one of these ends, also add a lobster clasp. Jump rings are easily opened and closed by twisting them open with your jewelry pliers - do not pull them apart, or you'll have a difficult time closing them again.

Add a jump ring to your embossed pendant, and string it onto the necklace. Most likely, it will not slide past the beads, so you'll need to keep the jump ring open and add it to the section of chain you want in the center before closing it.

This is a simple necklace design that can be adapted to any color scheme or to any embossed design. I just like the idea of getting my "wheels turning" with these steampunk gears!

Thanks for joining me today, and happy crafting!

~ Adrianne