Get Over New Page Fear: 3 Art Journaling Techniques

Posted by Kim Dellow
Try these three art journaling techniques to get over the fear of spoiling a pristine new sketch book.

I recently bought myself one of the lovely Strathmore Visual Journals from Blitsy. I've been hankering after one of these journals for a while now so I finally took the plunge. Oh, how beautiful and pristine all those lovely pages are! I almost feel like I don't want to use it, it is so clean and full of potential possibilities. I know you have been there too, bought a new journal or sketchbook but you find it hard to use it as it looks so lovely. Well stop right there! You bought it to use it! It is only paper, admittedly lovely paper, after all, right?

I have three go-to tricks that I use to get me using new journals that I am afraid to 'mess up' and make sure that I use them the way they were meant to be used! The thing to always remember is that you can cover any marks you do not like with layers. These are three great warm-up exercises too; they are quick and easy and will get you in the swing of making art before you know it!

Deep breath now, lovely clean page at the ready.

Here Is What You Will Need:

Strathmore Visual Journal Mixed Media

Clearsnap Izink Pigment Ink Mango

Clearsnap Izink Pigment Ink Turquoise

Clearsnap Izink Pigment Ink Orchid

Clearsnap Izink Pigment Ink Amethist

Golden Acrylic Gel Regular Gel Matte 8oz

Montana Acrylic Paint Marker, Fine Nib Shock Lilac

Montana Acrylic Paint Marker, Fine Nib Royal Red

Montana Acrylic Paint Marker, Fine Nib Malachite Light

Montana Acrylic Paint Marker, Fine Nib Make Up

Montana Acrylic Paint Marker, Fine Nib Shock Orange

Old book page


Piece of plastic or a palette

Let's Go For It!

Exercise 1

Add a drop of each of the Izink pigment inks to a piece of plastic or a palette.

Wet a brush and block out a small rectangle on a fresh new page in the journal. Then pick up a little bit of the Izink colour with the wet brush and add it to the wet rectangle on the page. Repeat to cover the page with coloured rectangles.

Exercise 2

Tear an old book page into strips.

Then, with a brush, add a layer of the Golden Regular Gel and stick two or three strips to the top-left and bottom-right corners of the fresh new page.

Exercise 3

Before you start making any marks, take a few minutes to think about how you feel today; let that emotion fill you as you start to make marks with the Montana Marker pen on the lovely pristine page.

Change marker colour but keep in the moment of the emotion you are feeling. Keep changing pen colours and making marks until the page is full! Try this excercises on different days with a different emotion in mind and see how the lines change.

Once you have done these exercises, you now have a layer of texture or colour to build upon. You don’t have to use the page again straight away – you can leave it for another day – but I guarantee that the next time you look at that page, or even a fresh page in that book, it won’t be hard to add more layers and marks!