Geometric Sculpty Clay Card Holders

Posted by Francesca

As much as I love tacky Christmas decoration sometimes it can get a bit over the top (no, really!) and it's nice to have something a little more neutral. These wall mounted card holders are a colorful alternative to the usual Christmas card holders. Their geometric shapes add a modern vibe that will go with any holiday decorations and because Blitsy has such a huge range of Sculpty clay you can make them in any color you like!

Here's what you'll need:

Roll out your clay to create a piece about half an inch thick.

Lightly draw out your shape over the top of the clay. You can use objects from around the home to create templates or print out shapes to create even and neat shapes.

Using a retractable blade knife cut through the whole half inch of clay to make a clean cut. Watch those fingers!

Using your knife carefully cut across through the side of the clay. You'll need to make a slit long enough to hold a card steady.

You need to use a heat proof sheet to keep each side of this slit from sticking together. I've used a thin piece of balsa wood. You could use a folded piece of oven foil or baking paper.

Make lots of different shapes!

Heat these in the oven for about half an hour on a low heat in the oven. After this time take the clay out of the oven and leave to cool.

Using a sticky pad or bluetac, stick the clay shapes to the wall with the slits facing upwards.