Fun With Fiskars

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Have you ever used a Fiskars squeeze punch before? Well, if you haven't, prepare yourself to become addicted to this amazing little punch!

I used my Fiskars Round and Round Squeeze Punch to make my own flower embellishments! These flowers are made up of 8 round pieces of punched paper. That's it! The dimension comes from the folding of the paper. As I punched out my circles I found myself punching, punching, and punching! I'm not kidding, it really is addicting! You can whip up these cute little flowers in less than 15 minutes. Add them to your cards, boxes, and gift bags!

Here's what you'll need:

- Fiskars Round and Round Large Punch
- Double Sided Pattern Scrapbook Paper
- Button
- Hemp cord
- Glue
- Glue dots
- Scissors

Let's get crafty!

Punch out 8 circles.

Take one of your circles and fold in one side. Then, fold over the other side so you get a point where the two ends meet. Repeat this with 6 more of your circles. This will give you your flower petals.

Take your remaining circe and put glue all over it. Then, begin gluing your petals to it. You will want the point of your petals in the center of your circle.

Glue all 7 of your petals to your circle.

Cut a 5 inch piece of hemp cord. Put the two ends of your hemp cord up and through the flat side of your button.

Tie a bow with your hemp cord. Then, trim your ends.

Put a glue dot on the back of your button. Press your petals down so they are flat. Then, glue your button to the center. You are finished!

Check out all of the shapes and sizes of Fiskars squeeze punches here.

What's your favorite embellishment?