Fun Festive Firecrackers: 4th of July Craft

Posted by Jennifer Snyder

Add some fun to your July 4th celebrations by crafting a festive centerpiece using everyday upcycled items.

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Add some fun to your July 4th and summer celebrations by creating a festive centerpiece using everyday upcycled items.

Take a look at Jennifer's tutorial, then gather your home recycling, and see what you can create.


Gold Glitter Washi Tape

Ranger Non-Stick Craft Mat

Cardstock - red, white, blue

Die Cutting Machine

We R Memory Keepers - Big Bite Crop-A-Dile

Spellbinders Stars

Washi Tape - Blue Stars

Glitter Paper


Gold cording

Martha Stewart Decorative Cupcake toppers - July 4th

Acrylic Paint - Blue

Acrylic Paint - Red

Here are the easy instructions

Assemble your recycled packaging to transform. The items used in the tutorial are an oatmeal canister, a chip cannister, a paper towel roll and two toilet paper rolls.

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It's best to try and strip the labels from the packaging if possible. You will have better results when painting the canisters without labels , however it is not always easy to tear off the packaging. No worries. That's why step two is important. Paint the packaging with white gesso. The gesso is a primer and will help make the paint adhere better to your project.

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Paint the firecrackers as desired. I used traditional patriotic colors but any color will work.

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For two toned firecrackers or to add stripes to your firecracker, use repositionable tape (painters tape, Washi Tape and floral tape all are wonderful options) and tape off the sections where you want to add striping.

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Start adding embellishments and decorations. Mix up the project a bit by adding a variety of Washi Tape. This tall firecracker also has strips of glitter paper.

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Die cut various star sizes and glue them here and there. Spellbinders makes a wonderful nesting type star die with sizing options.

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Here are some other embellishment ideas:

sequin stars, hemp twine, bakers twine, glitter paper, Stickles, Liquid Pearls, gold twine, punches.

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Time to cover the tops of the firecrackers. Cut a circle from cardboard. Glue a die cut star to it.

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Mark off the center of the star, and punch a hole in the star. The hole will need to be big enough for your "fuse". I used the We R Memory Keepers - Big Bite Crop-A-Dile to help punch the hole.

Ideas for fuses? Hemp cording, decorative cupcake toppers, toothpick decorations, gold and silver cording - fraying the cording looks cool too.

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Special Tip

To avoid fraying the cording fuse when adding it to the tops or your projects, dab some glue to the ends of the cording and twist with your fingertips. This will keep the cording perfect.

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Finishing canisters with plastic lids - Option 1: The oatmeal canister - The oatmeal top is plastic and acrylic paint does not adhere well to plastic. You may want to think about turning the canister upside down and decorating with the bottom facing up. You can easily punch a hole in the cardboard bottom to thread the firecracker "fuse".

You can see in the photo below that the can has been turned upside down. It actually looks very cool this way.

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Finishing canisters with plastic lids - Option 2: The chip can - The chip can top is plastic and acrylic paint does not adhere well to plastic. However you cannot flip this over and use the bottom because the bottom is metal - difficult to punch a hole for the fuse. So you may want to cover the plastic with some paper. You'll need a strong glue to secure the paper. You can also add trim around the edges of the lid to decorate and cover the plastic.

Next , punch a hole in the center of the lid and put fuse in the lid.

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More Close Ups

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Happy Crafting