Front Door Makeover

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Having recently moved into a new house, I have been DIY-ing my way through every single room. I honestly haven't stopped!

My front door is pretty old. It screams 1970's! The triangle front door is very popular in my new 'hood. The triangles definitely give the door character, but I knew I needed to do something to a make the door look a little more modern. So, I decided to paint my front door red. Below is my door before the paint job.

What do you think?

First, I sanded down the front of my door, really roughing it up so the paint would adhere.

Then, I taped off all of my hardware and around my window.

Finally, on to painting! I did about 4 coats of paint. I figured I would keep going so it had a nice thick layer and since I had the paint to do it!

Viola! My new front door. I still need to rub it with a wax to finish it off, but I think it looks pretty good. The lighting was pretty bad when I took this picture, which is why it looks a little maroon. Trust me, it is a nice bright red! Oh, how I love paint. It can really transform anything!