From Blah to AAAH - Artificial Succulent Transformation

Posted by Laurel Beard

Add some color to an artificial succulent with just a few supplies!

Today I've got a super fun and colorful DIY! You'll just need a few things: An artificial succulent or potted plant (please don't use a living plant because it will die), chalkboard paint, acrylic paint, Tim Holtz distress spray and a paintbrush.

Paint the pot with some chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint dries very quickly! Tip: Lie down some scratch paper and place your potted plant above so as you paint the pot, you can turn the paper instead of touching the pot and messing up the paint.

To keep the succulents from touching the chalkboard paint while wet, I clipped them up with an office binder clip! HAHA!

Add some acrylic paint to your craft surface, or a paper plate or acrylic block and start painting the leaves of your artificial plant. (I work off of a Tim Holtz craft sheet).

After I got all the color down, I went in with some Tim Holtz Distress Spray in Picket Fence and Picked Raspberry and gave it a couple of finishing spritzes!

I used chalkboard paint on the pot because I wanted the option to write on the pot... Obviously, I went loud and bold on this little guy, but you can do more subtle colors and get a very peaceful look! The sky is the limit!!!!! I hope you'll give it a try and share it with us over in the Inspiration section!