From an Image to a Stamp!

Posted by Meghan Quinones

With the Speedball Speedy Stamp Kit you can turn your favorite image (or handwriting!) into a stamp you can use over-and-over! I remember using the lino block back in high school, but completely forgot about how awesome it was to create your own stamp! I went with a pretty easy flower that did not require a ton of cutting away (I wanted to ease back in!). I don't remember this be as addicting back in high school, but I have to admit I am pretty much obsessed with this now!

Make use you get your Speedball Speedy Stamp Kit on sale now at Blitsy! If you want, pick up a few for your friends. Just think how much fun a little lino and vino would be! :)

Here's what you'll need:

  • Speedball Speedy Stamp Kit
  • Cutting Knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • Pencil

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Print out the image you want to turn into a stamp. Cover your image with tracing paper. Then, use your pencil to trace over your image and fill in any spots.

Step 2: Turn your transfer paper over and place it on top of your rubber stamp. Use your eraser to rub over your image, transferring it to your rubber stamp.

Step 3: Use your X-acto knife to cut around your image.

Step 4: Place the lino cutter with the smallest tip into the handle of your tool. Then, use the tip to cut out all of the negative space of your stamp. This is the space that should NOT get ink on it.

Step 5: Continue cutting away at the rubber, until only your image is left.

Step 6: Use your X-acto knife to cut around your image, removing any excess rubber you do not want to get ink on.