Free Knitting Pattern: Pom Pom Pillow

Posted by Heidi Gustad
Even beginning knitters can whip up this adorable throw pillow that would be right at home in a nursery! You only need to know basic knitting, sewing and how to make pom poms.

How sweet is this pillow? Knit up in classic, stain-resistant yarn, this pom pom throw pillow adds a splash of color and warmth to any room. In particular, I think this cute project would be right at home on a rocker in a nursery. If you want to use bolder colors, this could make a quirky addition to your living room too! You only need to know basic knitting, sewing and how to make pom poms to do this cute beginner knitting project.


US size 8 knitting needles
one 1 5/8" pom pom maker
tapestry needle
2 skeins Red Heart Super Saver yarn, one each in two different colors


CO - cast on
sts - stitches
clr - color
k - knit
sl - slip
wyif - with yarn in front
BO - bind off

Pom Pom Pillow Pattern

CO 40 sts

Knit two rectangles
Knit one rectangle in clr A and one in clr B following the instructions below.

row 1. k across
row 2. sl 1 wyif, k across

Repeat row two 120 times, then BO all sts. Sew your clr A and clr B rectangles together using the mattress stitch, leaving a 4-6 inch opening to stuff your pillow. Using poly-fil, stuff your pillow before closing the 4-6 inch opening with more mattress stitch. Weave in all ends.

Make 4 pom poms

Using the 1 5/8" Clover Pom Pom Maker, make 4 two-color pom poms. To do this, hold one strand of clr A and one strand of clr B yarn together as you wrap yarn around your pom pom maker.

Attach pom poms to pillow

Grab your tapestry needle. Tie one pom pom to each corner of your pillow and secure with a knot. Just as you'd weave in ends on any other knitting project, weave the tails of each pom pom into the body of the pillow to finish.

Tutorial Videos

Since this is a pattern designed for beginners, I've got some videos here for your reference to help you make this pillow! Since we've shared the very beginner basics of casting on, knitting and binding off a couple times here on the Blitsy Blog, I'll just share the more specific technique videos that apply to this project. Happy crafting!

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