Free Crochet Pattern: Shamrock Applique

Posted by Jenn

If you're anything like my cats, the promise of spring is trying to lure you outside to bask in what little bits of sun make it through those snowy clouds. But then the harsh reality that our most hopeful season is three weeks away slaps you in the face with another bout of freezing weather.

Yes, before we spring comes, we still have a few more depressing weather hurdles to overcome. But that doesn't mean we can't still find something to celebrate. For many of that, that celebration comes in the form of St. Patrick's Day.

Whether or not you're Irish, the sight of four leaf clovers is often the first sign of spring to come. And while we wait for the last of the technically-still-winter winter holidays to arrive, there's no reason why we can't start enjoying its sights early.

So here's a cute little shamrock I whipped up using some yarn I purchased from Blitsy. It's perfect for wearing on a cute jacket, or can be modified as a cute hair accessory (for kids or adults!)

Craft: Crochet

Level: Easy (possibly more suited for an advanced beginner)



  • ch: Chain
  • dc(s): Double crochet(s)
  • sl st: Slip Stitch


Begin by making a magic ring. In the ring:

Row 1: Ch 3, dc in first ch, sl st in first ch, 2 dcs in first ch, sl st in first ch (one leaf made)

Row 2: Sl st into magic ring. Ch 3, dc in first ch, sl st in first ch, 2 dcs in first ch, sl st in first ch (one leaf made)

Repeat Row 2 two more times.

Sl st in magic ring and pull ring closed.

Ch 4 for stem.


Cut yarn. Using a tapestry needle, weave in ends. Attach a safety pin (or a bobby pin if you choose to wear it as a hair accessory) and enjoy!