Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint

Posted by Laurel Beard

Furniture Restoration with Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint

Hi there! Laurel Beard here. I love to go to antique shops. I love quaint things but my style isn't really antique-ish! I like to paint furniture! GASP! I know. My husband prefers the wood look, I prefer the painted look. Guess who wins in my house? Of course it's me!!!! I grabbed two jars of Folk Art Decor Chalk Paint in the color Sheepskin and transformed a desk from blah to aah, as I say! Now some of you may love the the original style of the desk, and that's totally ok! But me? Had to paint it.. And then grabbed some sandpaper and distressed the edges, and voila! It first perfectly inside my home. So here is a look at the desk, literally inside the antique store about to be loaded up!

And here is the desk! In my house...

I know, right? What a transformation!! And the stuff I've read about chalk paint is true!

  • I did not prime the furniture, at all.
  • I did not sand the furniture, at all.
  • I simply opened up the paint, and painted! And it sticks! It really sticks without all the prep work! It's fantastic.
  • It took 2-3 coats.

I hope you'll give the chalk paint a try!!!! Turn your blah's into some aah's! :)