Foiled Coasters with the Heidi Swapp Mini Minc

Posted by Laurel Beard
Learn how to create fun foiled coasters with the Heidi Swapp Mini Minc. This machine can also serve as a laminator.

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Foiled Coasters using the Heidi Swapp Mini Minc

Hi there everyone! Laurel Beard here with a super fun and shiny project for you today! SO EASY TO DO LET ME JUST TELL YOU!!!!! A couple of weeks ago, I caved and bought the Heidi Swapp Mini Minc because I've been wanting it for such a long time and I couldn't pass up the deal Blitsy has on it!!!! There are two size Minc Machines... The one I am using today is the MINI Minc, which is a 6" machine. I am primarily a card maker so that is all I need!

Heidi Swapp also carries a huge line of different foiling kits and accessories! Be sure to sign up for the Blitsy newsletter so you will be notified of all the daily deals. The moment that I received the email with the Heidi Swapp foiling kits, I stopped what I was doing and bought the lot!! LOL! One of the things in my order were these coasters!

With the Mini Minc Machine, I have used both Heidi Swapp foils and the Deco Foils. Both work great with the Minc Machine. The Deco Foil might be a bit thicker. Also, the Minc Machines can also be used as a laminator. I've been asked that before many times so I thought that I would point that out to you all as well!

For today's project, it is so simple!

1. Turn on the Minc Machine and set it to setting 4. It takes a few seconds to heat up and then the machine beeps at you letting you know it's ready (the light also turns green).

2. Put your coaster in the transfer folder design side up (the transfer fold comes with the Mini Minc) and place your foil shiny side up over the coaster and close the transfer folder! The foil will stick to anything that is black on the designs. The black is the toner and foil sticks to toner.

3. Run the transfer folder thru the machine, inserting the closed/folded end into the machine first.

4. Wait a few seconds and it will pop out the other end. Do not tug or pull it out. Let it come out on its own. I would recommend waving the transfer folder around a bit because it is hot to the touch and then open it and voila! The foiled coaster is ready to go! That's it!

The colors of foil that I used are (Deco Foil Rose Gold, Deco Foil Teal, Deco Foil Rainbow, Deco Foil Red, Heidi Swapp Silver and Gold).

HAPPY FOILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!