Five Minute No-Sew Elastic Bookmark

Posted by Stephanie Chan
Make a cute (and no-sew!) elastic bookmark in minutes!

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You won't believe how quick and easy it is to make this cute elastic bookmark!

Here's What You'll Need

  • Tim Holtz Idealology Swivel Clasps
  • Dritz 5/8-inch Ruffle Elastic
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (I like the Surebonder High-Temp Mini Detail Glue Gun)
  • Scissors
  • Anti-fraying glue
  • Optional: something to hang on the swivel clasp, such as a charm (I made my own tassel with embroidery thread)

The swivel clasps come in two sizes, perfect to make a bookmark for a large or small book.

First, determine the length you need for your books. wrap the elastic around your book. Lay the swivel clasp flat and straight on the front of the book, meeting one end . Stretch it a little bit, and cut the elastic where it meets the other end of the clasp.

Insert one end of the ruffle elastic into one end of the clasp, pulling through about one inch. Add a bead of hot glue, then fold over the end and press down onto the glue.

Insert the other end of the elastic through the other end of the swivel clasp. Cut the end at an angle to help thread it through the jump ring. Then, glue as before. Add a little bit of anti-fraying glue to the ends.

You could totally stop here! Looks cute already!

But you could also add a little charm to the swivel clasp. I made a quick tassel out of embroidery floss and a jump ring in the same antique tone as the clasp.

I can't believe I made two cute bookmarks in just a few minutes! This is great for when you need a last-minute yet special gift. Plus, there are lots of ways to personalize it with charms or other trinkets and trims!