Felted Christmas Stockings

Posted by Stephanie Chan

It was the girls' first Christmas. And as a new mama of twins, I was woefully unprepared. When I had the chance, I went to the dollar store and bought the girls two fuzzy pink stockings. I still love those stockings as they remind me of those days, and I know I'll hang them prominently in the house somewhere. But I thought it was time the girls graduated to bigger stockings with their names on them, as their “official" stockings on the mantle. Finally, I made some! Here's how I made my Felted Christmas Stockings.

Here'e what you'll need:

  • Clover Needle Felting Tool
  • Clover Pen-Style Needle Felting Tool
  • Clover Large Needle Felting Ma
  • Dimensions Wool Roving
  • Wool yarn
  • Cookie cutters in holiday shapes, or applique molds such as the Clover Needle Felting Applique Mold in Snow Crystal
  • Letter cookie cutters
  • 1/2 Yard of Felt (the stocking is 17x10 and you'll need to cut two pieces)
  • Stocking Pattern (see below)
  • Chalk or washable fabric pen
  • Rotary cutter and self-healing mat
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Let's get crafty!

    Download and print out the stocking pattern onto two pieces of paper. Cut out the pattern, then tape the two pieces together where indicated.

    Trace the stocking pattern onto the felt. You'll need to cut two, so fold the felt in half. Cut out the stocking. Place one layer aside.

    Take your cookie cutters and place them onto one stocking piece. Arrange them until you like the look.

    Place the needle felting mat underneath the stocking piece. Place a cookie cutter on top.

    Cut off a short piece of wool roving. Spread it out into an even layer, and place it into the cookie cutter.

    I'm using two types of needles. The green Needle Felting Tool has 5 needles and comes in a wider housing. The pink Pen-Style Needle Felting Tool has 3 needles and can fit into narrower spaces.

    So for the arms of the snowflake, I'm using the Pen-Style.

    And for the middle part, I'm using the green one. With both types, poke the tools straight up and down (not at an angle, or the needles may bend or break). Keep going over the wool roving until it's flat and incorporated into the fabric.

    Here's what the back starts to look like after you've been felting for a while. The fibers start to stick out the other side.

    When you've filled the whole cookie cutter, remove it and freely felt over the whole thing. If you see any thin spots, just take a small piece and fill it in.

    Now I'm doing the snowman. I felted white roving for the body, and light blue for the hat.

    Then I added a scarf, which I just did free-form-ly. I balled up some small pieces of wool roving for the eyes and buttons. The mouth is a thin piece of roving.

    I also added more embellishments to the snowflake. First, I felted on a very thin layer of light blue to the middle of the snowflake. Then I took 3 short lengths of wool yarn and felted them in a star pattern, crossing in the middle of the snowflake.

    I had these letter cookie cutters that I used to personalize the stockings. For letters with no hole in the middle, like the S, I felted it as usual. You can remove the bottom part of the Pen-Style Felting Tool's casing so it can fit into very narrow spaces, as shown.

    For letters with a hole in the middle, the cookie cutters have some extra plastic to keep the hole in place. I can't felt through those plastic pieces. So instead, I first flipped the cookie cutter over, and stuffed in the wool roving. Then I flipped it back over, and felted through the cookie cutter where there was no plastic. Finally, I removed the cookie cutter and felted down the rest of the letter.

    For Sarah's stocking, I used a gingerbread man and a Christmas tree cookie cutter. I also used little balls of wool and yarn to embellish each shape.

    Time to finish the stockings! I simply sewed the other stocking piece, wrong sides together, at a 1/2 inch seam allowance. If your felted shapes go over the seam allowance, you can lift it up gently and sew underneath it.

    I made a simple hanging loop by cutting a 6x1 inch piece of felt and folding it in half. I sewed it to the front corner of the stockings.

    My girls finally have a more grown-up stocking that I hope they will enjoy for years to come. But to be honest, those fuzzy little dollar store stockings will always be dear to my heart!