Father's Day Gift: Wooden Caddy With Tim Holtz Distress Stain

Posted by Laurel Beard

Give it some life with Tim Holtz Distress Stain! A perfect Father's Day Gift

I found a plain wooden caddy out and about and thought this would be a PERFECT gift for Father's Day for my husband.... It was unfinished so I wanted to think of any easy way to add some life to it. Something easy enough that my son can help with! YES! Enter Tim Holtz Distress Stains.... (any of the products from the Tim Holtz line would work for this). We literally grabbed two shades of Distress Stain (Vintage Photo and Tea Dye) and my son just swiped them on.... Because it has those sponged tips, it was super easy for him to do! So what started out as this...

Turned into this very easily.

For the photo purposes, I put some cute Starbucks Frap bottles in there, but you can think of some other fun ideas to put in here as well, he he..... And yup, it has a bottle opener on it too!

Another option could be to paint it with chalk paint or even chalkboard paint! Then you can hard write stuff all over it. But, because we needed easy so my son could do it (and because I waited until the last minute to pull something together), distress stains were the best bet! And they come in a ton of colors so you can really jazz up your project! My hubs likes netural colors... Totally opposite of me! There is also a distress paint line as well, which would have worked just as easily!!!!