Family Holiday Calendar

Posted by Tyra Babington
Create this fun family calendar for the 12 days of Christmas, Advent or any celebration of family, fun and friends.

What you'll need

Cut one acetate sheet in half, leaving two 4.25 by 11 sheets. Cut each sheet in half again. You will have four 4.25 x 5.5 inch sheets.

Take two of the 4.25 x 5.5 sheets and use washi tape to create a pocket. Embellish to your heart's desire! At this point you can punch holes near the top of your pocket and use twine to string more than one pocket together, creating a banner.

I created an Advent Calendar and I love it. Everyday for the month of December I use my phone to snap a photo. I print the photo at home and place it in the corresponding day. I also add special programs and other keepsakes from the season into the pockets. But wait, it get's better! Once the holidays are over, I can use a binder ring to create an instant December journal or add these pockets to my December binder journal. I guarantee you will love the end result! It's so fun to look at photos from the previous week and be reminded of what's truly important!

I hope I have inspired you today! Happy Holidays! xo, Tyra