Embroidered Alphabet Art

Posted by Stephanie Chan
Embroidered alphabet art - and lots of other great projects - made easy with perforated letter dies!

I can't believe I have never made alphabet art for my girls! It's something I never got around to, even though I've always wanted to make some. They of course know their alphabet by now, but I think they're still little enough to like it. I came across these perforated letter dies and I knew they'd be perfect for some embroidered art. The holes in the letters made the embroidery go super quick while keeping the stitches looking very neat.

Here's What You'll Need

  • Die-Namics My Favorite Things Peek-A-Boo Letter Dies
  • Die cutter and plates (that can cut wafer-thin dies)
  • Thin magnet sheet (optional)
  • Cardstock
  • Embroidery floss and needle
  • Scissors
  • Frame
  • Fabric, cardboard, adhesive

Let's Get Crafty!

Here's a look at the perforated letter dies. You can see the little holes poking up. To separate them, just give them a little twist and they should come apart.

The dies also come with a guide for different die cutters. I have a Cuttlebug, so my plates should be in this order starting from the bottom: A-plate, C-plate, dies (bumpy side up), cardstock, then B-plate on top. If your die cutter isn't listed, just do what you'd normally do with wafer-thin dies.

All of the letters were able to fit on my plates - woohoo! But, they kept sliding around when I was trying to load the plates into my cutter. So I placed a thin magnetic sheet on my C-plate, and the letters stayed put. I think if you were only using a few letters at a time, you would not need to use the magnet.

Roll it all through your cutter. There it is! Lookin' good.

Embroidery time. I separated my floss into three strands, threaded my needle, and then doubled it to make six strands. You'll need a lot more than I have shown to do one letter, about an arm's length.

I'm going to do a back stitch for all of my letters. I started with the A, in one corner. Thread the embroidery floss through a hole, then go to the front. Catch the tail in the back a few times as you stitch.

One letter down, the rest to go!

I used seven different colors, semi-randomly distributed. The perforations made it go so much faster, and my stitches are nice and neat too.

To finish up my art, I simply covered a piece of cardboard with fabric, and adhered the embroidered letters with glue. Then I adhered the letters to the center of the fabric, and popped it into a frame. All done.

These dies will work with lots of different materials, such as cardstock and fabric. Use the letters all together, or spell out names, or do monograms, or write out sayings. You don't even have to do embroidery...just place a piece of contrasting cardstock behind the letters and you have a whole new look. Can't wait to experiment more with these fun and versatile letters!