Embossed Wedding Favor Containers

Posted by Meghan Quinones

The other day I was handed a box of goodies from Crafter's Companion. When I opened the boxed, I was amazed at all of the amazing products they had sent my way. I knew I had to go through the box to see EVERYTHING they had sent.

As I started to pull out each item in the box to get a better idea of what I had in my possession, I began to see beautiful shimmering papers and embossing folders. They had sent shimmering paper in pretty much every color! They also sent 6x6 embossing folders as well as the "big daddies" measuring in at 8x8! I am not joking, these embossing folders were HUGE!

When I started to look at all of the lovelies in front of me, for some reason, I kept thinking 'weddings'. Maybe it was because the soft shimmering colors made me think of weddings? Who knows! Since I could not shake the wedding idea from my brain, I decided to make something wedding-ish with my shimmering papers and embossing folders. The idea of wedding favor packaging came into my head, so I went with it! You could, however, create these little boxes for any party you have that requires a favor!

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get Crafty!

Cut your 6 inch paper in half so it is 3 inches wide.

Place your paper inside of your embossing folder.

Run your embossing folder through your die cutting machine.

Flip your strip of paper over so the nice side is facing down. Run your glue on the end of one side of your paper.

Take the end of your paper with glue on it and glue it to the other end of your paper.

Fold down one end of your paper.

Add glue dots (or glue) to the inside of your paper and press down. This will seal one end of your container.

Pour your candy into your package. Then, repeat Step 8 on the other end of your container. Except, this time you will fold your end the opposite way of the other end.

Make a small bow and add a glue dot to the back where the knot is.

Add your bow to your package. You now have an adorable little package to house your wedding treats!