Easy Vase Makeover With Paper and Mod Podge

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Do you love getting flowers but hate the clear vase they come in? Well, it's time to give your old vase a makeover with a little help from paper and Mod Podge!

I honestly have about 5 clear vases stored in a kitchen cabinet right now that once housed pretty flowers. Well, the flowers have since died, and now I am stuck with just the vases. I very rarely throw these vases away because I feel bad getting rid of something that has nothing wrong with it. There is always that chance I may use the vases again, right? I wouldn't want to risk getting rid of them and then realizing I need them for something later on. I know you feel me. :)

In an effort to appease my husband, I wanted to try and repurpose one of the vases to clear up some cabinet space. I was going to add spray paint to my vase, but decided against it. Then, I was thinking I would pour acrylic paint on the inside, but I wanted to use my vase to hold flowers and didn't think the paint would hold up in water. So, I decided to decorate the outside of my vase with paper!

I started with a few pieces of colored cardstock and with a little help from Mod Podge, I glue my papers to my vase and then covered it with patterned paper. The best part of this project was ripping the paper pieces; it was so easy! I picked a pretty flower patterned paper to add some design to my solid colored paper.

How would you design your new vase?

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Rip or cut your cardstock in to smaller pieces.

Step 2: Dip your brush into your Mod Podge and cover the back of your piece of paper with glue.

Step 3: Cover the top part of your vase with your paper. You will want to go up and over the top of your vase covering all exposed glass (I forgot to do this and had to go back and do it after I was finished!).

Step 4: Keep moving around your vase covering it with paper. You will overlap your paper to make sure all of your vase is covered. Once you get to the bottom of your vase, use paper that is straight across. Then, trim the edge of your paper so it covers the bottom of your vase and is flush with your table.

Step 5: Cut out your patterned paper. Put Mod Podge on the back of your patterned paper and glue it to your vase. Let your glue dry.

Step 6: Once your glue is dry, go over your entire vase with Mod Podge. This will seal everything. Let the glue dry.

Once your glue is dry, you will be left will a completely transformed vase.

Find the perfect colored paper and customize your boring clear vase to match any room in your home!