Easy Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tags

Posted by Andreja Vucajnk
Your kids can help personalize your gifts this holiday season! Use this tutorial to create adorable thumbprint reindeer tags.

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If you want to give your Christmas gifts that extra little something this year, why not attach a lovely kid-made thumbprint reindeer gift tag to them? It's super cute, and your kids will love making them with you. You really can't get more personal than this and your friends and family will love these thumbprint reindeer. Ready? Let's make one or two.

Supplies to Make a Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tag:

  • Gift tags
  • Red mini pom poms
  • Glue or glue dots
  • Brown paint
  • Black marker
  • Brown marker
  • Baker's twine

This one is insanely easy to make, so your kids will make a whole set of thumbprint reindeer gift tags in no time. I do recommend you protect the working area with some old newspaper, even though this project is quick and easy, things can get messy in no time, especially with younger ones. All ready?

Dip the thumb into brown paint or apply the paint on the thumb with a brush. I recommend you do a "test thumbprint" or two on regular paper just to get the feel on how much paint you need on the finger (as this will differ a bit depending on the paint you use. Alternatively you could also use a brown ink pad which will make the job even easier.

When you have things figured out, press the painted thumb on the tag, more to the bottom part of the tag. Remove and let the fingerprint dry. Rinse and repeat on other gift tags to start making your thumbprint reindeer.

When the paint dries, draw antlers with a brown marker.

Glue on the pom pom nose. You can use black pom poms, but I used red to turn this thumbprint reindeer into Rudolph!

Draw on eyes with black marker and add some string or baker's twine. Your thumbprint reindeer gift tag is ready to go!

We hope you enjoyed this simple & adorable kids craft. These thumbprint reindeer gift tags really are a great way to spread holiday cheer & make memories with your favorite little ones. If you loved this DIY, make sure to to try adorable Rudolph spoon puppets with your Christmas crew.