Easy Styrofoam Bunny Craft

Posted by Meghan Quinones
This easy styrofoam bunny craft is a great addition to your Easter decor!

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With Easter comes colored eggs, Peeps (yes, Peeps!), baskets, and bunnies! I decided to create my very own bunny craft to gear up for Easter this year.

My Easter bunny was actually made out of a styrofoam ball. I just wrapped my styrofoam ball with yarn to create the body of my bunny. I think my favorite part of this cute little bunny is the tail! Just think of all of the fun you and your kids can have making this adorable bunny craft. Dye up some Easter eggs, make a styrofoam bunny, and enjoy some Peeps. Sounds like a perfect Easter crafting day to me!

Here's What You'll Need

- Yarn

- Styrofoam Ball (Mine was 2 inches)

- Craft Glue

- Craft Eyes

- White Pom Pom

- Felt (Pink and White)

- Hemp Twine

- Pink Marker

- Scissors

- A tool with a sharp edge (I used my piercing tool)

Use your piercer to create a hole about 1/8 inch deep in the top of your ball. Put craft glue in the hole and use your piercer to push your yarn inside.

Put glue on the top of your ball and begin coiling your yarn in a circle.

Continue adding glue to your ball and wrapping it with your yarn. When you get to the end, repeat Step 1.

Cut out ears from your white felt. Then, cut smaller ears from your pink felt and glue them inside of your white felt.

Use your piercer to create two holes on the top of your ball. Put glue inside of your holes and use your piercer to push your ears inside of the holes.

To cut feet for your bunny, cut a piece of felt that is larger than your ball. Fold it in half and cut out a heart shape. Once you have your heart shape, round out the bottom.

Glue your tail to the back of your ball and your feet to the bottom of your ball.

Next, cut three pieces of hemp and tie a knot in the middle. Trim down your hemp so the middle piece is slightly longer than the two end pieces. Use your marker to color in the knot. Glue your eyes and whiskers to the front of your ball. Enjoy your cute little bunny craft!