Easy Party Lanterns Made From Gift Bags

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Want to easily make lanterns that glow? See how you can turn simple gift bags into pretty party lighting.

I had a total out-of-the-box idea come to me the other day. Actually, I should say "out-of-the-bag". Wink. Wink.

Now, It really isn't all that crazy for me to take items and use them for something completely unexpected. My brain seems to always be on overdrive and constantly looking at products much differently than the general public. ;) I had grabbed a bunch of polka dot vellum bags about a month ago with the plan of using them as party favor bags. Well, that idea came and went.

When I came across the vellum bags again, I grabbed them and started folding them every which way trying to come up with a project for them. First, I cut off the bottom and to see what I would be left with. After I folded it a couple of times, I saw a lantern! Yes, that is how my brain works! Since vellum has some transparency to it, I thought it would pair beautifully with lights. This is how my Illuminated Party Lanterns were born.

For my party lanterns, I used polka dot vellum bags, however, you could use plain vellum bags or vellum bags with different patterns on them. For this project, you can add as many or as few lanterns you want to fit your entertaining space. These lanterns are perfect for outdoor parties that go into the night. As the sun sets, your party can continue into the night with the soft glow from your lanterns. You could also make these and forego the candles and use them as garland for your next party or event!

Have you ever incorporated vellum bags into one of your projetcs? If so, let us know in the comments below!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Vellum bags
  • Baker's Twine
  • Scissors
  • Wire (28 Gauge or 26 Gauge)
  • Battery Operated Candle
  • Paper Trimmer

Let's get crafty!

The battery life on my Dollar Store battery operated candles is super long! You can turn your candles on early in the day, and when the sun goes down they will start to glow and will continue to stay on for days to come!

Just think how cute these would be strung along a fence or between two trees!