Easy DIY Layering Bracelets

Posted by Adrianne Surian
Layering bracelets are easy to make and fun to wear! Learn how to DIY your own stack of arm candy.

Hey friends! Today's project is some ultra-easy arm candy that even crafting beginners can make. Layering bracelets are so versatile that they work for just about every style! You can add sparkle, shine, or a pop of color to any outfit by choosing a few coordinated bracelets. Today's project has everything you need in one collection, so you don't have to worry about supplies - just choose the color scheme you like (as you can see, I'm into this fabulous purple collection), grab a pair of scissors, and start making!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Blue Moon Bead Wardrobe Collection - Purple Mix SKU: BL156346
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Mini Bead Stoppers SKU: BL415711

It hardly seems possible that you just need a kit and a pair of scissors to create a gorgeous stack of bracelets, but the Bead Wardrobe kits are perfect for this project. For this stack, the following items from the kit were used:

  • 36 inches of stretch cord (cut to 4 - 8.5 inch segments)
  • 8mm lilac faceted round beads
  • 4mm lilac bicone beads
  • 4mm gunmetal bicone beads
  • Size 6/0 black seed beads with AB finish

If you wish to make more than 4 bracelets, there are PLENTY of beads in this kit to do so. Just pick up an additional spool of .8mm clear stretch cord, and you can make as many as you like! You may notice that the beads used are different colors, different shapes, different sizes, and different finishes. The more variety you can use in your bracelet stacks, the better! And since the beads in these kits are all pre-coordinated, there are no bad choices. (You can get bead kits in several other color schemes as well!)

Cut your cord into 8.5 inch segments, and string 7.5 inches of beads. If you're new to beading, you may want to pick up the optional bead stoppers listed in the supply section! Bead stoppers will prevent any beads you put onto one end of your cord from sliding right off the opposite side.

Tie the two ends of the cord together in a square knot (sometimes called a double knot). Stretch the cord on both sides of the knot (both the tails and the cord securing the beads) to tighten it, and try your best not to over-tighten the cord running through the beads. You want it to rest with no tension, and only stretch when you put it on or take it off.

Trim the excess tails to approximately 1/8 inch of cord, and repeat for each bracelet!

Even if you don't consider yourself a jewelry maker, you can't go wrong with this project. It may be basic bead-stringing, but the best accessories don't always have to be complicated. Happy crafting!

~ Adrianne