Easy DIY Holiday Placemats

Posted by Stephanie Chan
Stitch up these easy DIY Placemats in your favorite fabric, a perfect easy craft for the holidays.

I've been whipping up some easy DIY placemats recently, both for my upcoming dinner gatherings this holiday season, and to give as gifts as well! All you need is a fat quarter of fabric to make each placemat. Some contrasting stitching is an easy added detail. Here's how to make them.

Here's What You'll Need

Camelot Design Studio Fabric Fat Quarters - Folklore

Fabric ruler

Self-healing cutting mat

Rotary cutter

Sewing machine

Thread in matching and/or contrasting colors

Pins or Wonder Clips

Chopstick or corner poking/turning tool

Washable fabric pen


Iron and Ironing board

Let's Get Crafty!

Prewash and press your fabric. Fold your fat quarter so you have an 18x11-inch rectangle (a fat quarter is 18x22 inches). Then with your rotary cutter, cut off three inches so you are left with a 15x11-inch rectangle, folded. Next, unfold the rectangle, and cut it in half. Now you have two 15x11-inch rectangles. Place them right sides together to get ready to sew, using pins or clips to keep them together. Note: be careful of kitty whiskers, paws, and tails while cutting fabric.

Mark with a pin or clip (or pen) an approximately 5-inch opening in the middle of one of the long sides. Begin sewing from one of those marks with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. You can use a matching thread for this step. Sew all the way around, pivoting at the corners, until you arrive at the other mark. Back stitch at the beginning and end.

Clip the corners at an angle, being careful not to cut into your stitching.

While your placemat is still inside out, press the seams open, including at the opening. Fold the fabric back at the opening so it is in line with the adjoining seams. This will help when closing it up.

Turn the placemat right side out, carefully poking out the corners. Press the seams flat, again including the opening.

Thread a contrasting thread into your sewing machine. Top stitch along the edge, all around the placemat, with a 1/8-inch seam allowance. Go over the opening to close it up.

Take your ruler and mark measure inch from the top-stitching line at each corner. Use your pen to mark the corner.

Start sewing again with contrasting thread at one of the corners. Make a note of the line your fabric is lining up with on your sewing machine. You can use a rubber band or piece of tape to mark it. Make sure your fabric continues to line up to it as you sew. When you reach the next corner, pivot your work, and continue sewing to the next corner. Go all the way around. Back stitch just one or two stitches at the beginning and end.

All done with your first placemat! Repeat with however many fat quarters you wish. You can also get creative by mixing up your fabrics for each placemat, with two different fabrics from the same collection, or do a plain fabric on the back. You could make them in plain fabric on both sides, and embellish them with appliques, paint, or more elaborate stitching. So these simple placemats will provide a simple foundation for you to take from there with your own imagination.

These placemats make a cute gift. Roll them up and wrap them with twine, and add a gift tag.

After you make a few of these placemats, you'll get the hang of it and it will go really fast. Make a bunch for your own table, for every season, and for your friends and family. They'll soon become one of your go-to ways to spruce up your table, and you'll always have something in mind for handmade hostess gifts as well!