Easy DIY Floating Snowflake Locket

Posted by Adrianne Surian
This easy-to-make floating charm locket makes a great accessory for yourself or a gift this holiday season!

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What I love most about floating charm lockets is that they are so personal - you can put any small charms inside. That includes charms you can make yourself! Whether it's for yourself or a gift, more charms can be added later, or your friends and family can put their own special charms inside making this a handmade gift that anyone can personalize now or in the future.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Manual die cutting machine (I'm using the Sizzix Big Shot)
  • Darice Snowflake Dies (or your favorite die 3" or less)
  • White Shrink Plastic
  • Floating Charm Locket
  • 18-36 Inches of Chain (depending on preference - I typically use 26-28 inches, personally)
  • Optional: Lobster Clasp for necklaces 24 inches or under
  • Small Jump Rings
  • Heat Tool
  • Clear Embossing Ink
  • Clear Glitter Embossing Powder
  • Chain Nose Jewelry Pliers

First, you'll need to choose which dies or punches you like best! Dies 3" or smaller work well for this project. I selected a snowflake, and die-cut it from white shrink plastic.

Next, it's the fun part. Shrinking your shrink plastic! There will be easy oven-bake instructions on the product packaging, but when I'm in my craft room, I just use my heat embossing tool and a craft mat to shrink my plastic! Hold the tool 1-2 inches away and begin applying heat to the center of your shrink plastic. A toothpick or pin may be helpful, to keep it from blowing away as you work. As the piece heats and begins to shrink, it will often twist and curl. This is normal, don't panic! Most of the time, it will straighten itself right out but continuing to apply heat, until it's evenly shrunk. Occasionally, one piece will stick to another as it heats, and the toothpick is also handy for un-sticking it.

Shrink plastic will reduce in size by 3-4 times, and also thicken. Allow it to cool fully. Next, you can optionally add some sparkle and shine to it, by applying clear embossing ink and sparkling clear glitter and re-heating it. This is the method I use most often, because I already have my heat tool out. Alternately, you can use glitter glue on your charm instead, if that's what you have handy.

Once your charm has fully cooled, put it inside the locket! There will be a small groove to get it open, and it closes again with a magnetic closure. As you can see, it's nearly a perfect fit using this 3-inch snowflake die. And what's also great is that because it doesn't close permanently, you can replace your snowflake with other charms to match different outfits or the change of seasons!

Finally, string your new pendant on a chain. You can of course use a pre-made chain, but I find it most economical to assemble my own. Cut your desired length of chain (I typically choose 26-28 inches, which rests at the center of the chest above the stomach on most people). You can attach the two ends of chain together by twisting open a small jump ring with your pliers, adding both ends of the chain to the ring, and twisting it closed again.

For necklaces 24 inches or shorter, you won't be able to just slip it over your head. Instead of attaching the two ends of chain together, attach a ring to one side, and a second ring and lobster clasp to the other side.

Thanks for joining me for today's accessory project. Happy crafting to you!

~ Adrianne