Easy DIY Drop Earrings

Posted by Adrianne Surian
These understated DIY drop earrings are simple to make, and add just the right amount of sparkle to an outfit!

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Chunky chains are moving aside for more delicate looks this season, and I've got an easy DIY jewelry project that's perfect for a fall wardrobe! With Vintaj brass findings and a couple of sparkly beads, you can make up these beautiful drop earrings in just a few minutes.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Vintaj brass findings pack (includes earring wires, chain, head pins, and jump rings)
  • Two matching crystal beads (I used this Bead Elements mix)
  • Chain Nose Pliers & Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers

The first step to creating these simple earrings is to create the drop charms. If you haven't made charms before, it's a basic wire-wrapping project. It may take you a couple of tries to get comfortable with the process, but once you do, you can churn out charms in seconds for all your jewelry projects!

Add the bead to the head pin, and close to the bead, wrap the pin around one side of your round pliers, forming a loop. Then, wrap the tail end of the pin under the loop you just formed, filling the gap between the loop and the bead. Trim off any excess wire with wire wire cutters. When you make your second charm, the key to getting them even is to wrap the loop around the pliers in the same place to create the same size loop. Tip: you might find it helpful to use a marker to make a small mark to remember the placement.

The next step is to cut two lengths of chain, one inch long each. Note: you can vary this length! Just be sure that both chains are the same length. Twist open a jump ring with your pliers, and use it to attach your newly-made charm to one end of the chain. Twist the jump ring closed again. Then, gently twist open the earring wire to attach the chain at the other end. Repeat this for the other earring, and you will have a beautiful matched set!

Thanks for joining me today, and happy crafting!

~ Adrianne