Easy DIY Black Cat Shoe Clips

Posted by Stephanie Chan
Stitch yourself up some festive Halloween accessories: Black Cat Shoe Clips!

Trick or Treat, check out my feet! I love how my cute little black cat shoe clips turned out. Use the embroidery pattern and some simple stitches and you can make a pair for yourself!

Here's What You'll Need

C&T Publishing Quilter's Freezer Paper Sheets

Inkjet Printer

Black Cat Shoe Clip template (download here)

Black Felt

DMC Embroidery Floss #783 (from the DMC Embroidery Floss Popular Colors Pack)

Embroidery Needle


Iron and ironing board

Bottle Cap Crafts shoe clips

Hot glue gun

Let's Get Crafty!

Print out the Black Cat Shoe Clip template onto a piece of freezer paper. Be sure you're printing on the dull side, not the shiny side. The template contains two cats, to make a pair of shoe clips. Fold a piece of felt in half, and fuse the freezer paper onto half of the felt.

Cut out the cat shapes, around the outside line. Cut through both layers of felt so you are cutting out two (four pieces total).

Leave the freezer paper on the top two pieces and set the other two pieces aside. Choose an embroidery thread in a contrasting color, cut about an arm's length of thread, and separate it into two strands of three individual threads, and thread your embroidery needle.

We are going to use the markings on the template as our embroidery pattern, but the side with the paper will be the back side. So thread your needle through, leaving a short tail, and start doing a back stitch. I started a stitch length away from the end of the eye, piercing through the paper and the felt. Then I stitched back to the end of the eye, and when I stitched forward again (going from back to front), I caught the thread tail to keep it locked down.

Then I stitched back to the end of the eye, and when I stitched forward again (going from back to front), I caught the thread tail to keep it locked down. Keep going until you finish the eye, then start again with the other eye, and finally do the nose and mouth. Carefully peel off the freezer paper, making sure you don't tear out any of the stitches. Repeat with the other kitty.

When you've finished the faces, match each one back up with its back piece. You might have to flip it over for it them to match up exactly.

Now we'll work on a blanket stitch around the edges to sew the two layers together. Cut another arm's length of thread. This time, we're going to knot the end. Insert the needle through just the front layer of the cat, from the inside to the outside. Push the knot between the two layers to hide it.

Continuing with the blanket stitch: (1) Go through both layers of felt, through the same hole as before. (2) Before you pull the loop completely closed, thread your needle through the loop. This is your first blanket stitch. (3) Begin the next stitch about 1/4 inch away, going through both layers. (4) Again, thread your needle through the loop before you close it. Repeat this all around until you get back to the starting point again.

Here's how to finish the blanket stitch. (5) Tie a knot, but don't trim the end off yet. (6) Insert your needle in between the two layers of felt, in between two blanket stitches, and work it to the other side, making sure you don't poke the needle through either piece of felt. (7) Pull it out the other side, in between two blanket stitches. (8) Pull gently on the thread, like a drawstring (so kitty will scrunch up a little bit) and cut off the excess.

When kitty flattens, the end will be hidden inside the two layers! Repeat with the other kitty.

All that's left is to attach the shoe clip hardware. Grab your ballet flats and clip on the shoe clip. For this brand of shoe clip, the wide part is on top, and the narrow top goes underneath, into the shoe. Lay the kitty on top to figure out where to glue the shoe clip. The ears should peek just above the top of the shoe.

Hot glue the wide part of the shoe clip to the back of the kitty, with the hinge pointing up. If you like, you can glue a scrap piece of felt over the shoe clip, as shown. Repeat with the other kitty.

You've cat to be kitten me right meow, these are so cute!

Not only can you print on the freezer paper but you can draw on them as well. Here are some more ideas that you can sketch out and embroider for Halloween: ghosts, witch's hats, pumpkins, or owls. And the felt shapes can be made into anything: hair clips, key chains, ornaments, or brooches. Have fun and let me know what you make!