Document Your Travels With A Travelers Journal

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Since we live in a digital age, it's nice to print off travel/vacation photos and actually use them to document a trip. A travelers journal is the perfect vehicle for this!

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Documenting Your Travels

With Summer here, it's the season of traveling and adventure taking. Since kids are out of school taking some time to recharge and reconnect is always a great idea this time of year. You'll make memories that will last a lifetime. It's nice to document your travels so you can look back and fondly remember all of the smells, tastes, and experiences from your travels.

A travelers journal is just what you need to document all of your trips and adventures. If you love to travel with style and need a lot of space for your stories, creative ideas and meeting notes, Paper Republics Grand Voyageur [XL] is the perfect match for you. The Grand Voyager XL can be customized with Paper Republic's full range of refill notebooks. It really makes a great travel companion for all of your journeys. This travelers notebook is made of leather and is slim and flexible which makes it perfect for traveling.

To create your very own travel companion, just choose a Paper Republic notebook, choose a ribbon in your favorite color to hold everything together, toss in your passport, and grab a pen. You can also grab a Poloroid camera to snap photos of your trip and add them to your travelers journal as you take them. Other fun accessories can be used to decorate your travelers journal and document your experiences like stickers, scrapbook paper, and washi tape!

Here's How to Document Your Travels With a Travelers Journal

Step 1: Resize and print your photos to fit in your travelers journal.

Step 2: Cut pieces of scrapbook paper and add arrange them across two pages in your notebook. Once you decided were you want them, glue them down.

Step 3: Glue your photos on top of your paper. You can also use washi tape to stick your photos to the pages.

Step 4: Use a ruler and pen to create a border/frame around some of your photos - this is an easy way to make your photos pop.

Step 5: Use stickers to add extra detail to your pages.

Step 6: Use the Adventure and month cut-outs from the KaiserCraft Day Dreamer 6x6 paper pack to add to your pages.

Step 7: Add notes detailing the photos you included in your travelers journal.

When it comes to traveling you can make memories and keep them all at the same time. The Grand Voyager XL Travelers Journal by Paper Republic is perfect for memory keeping on the go. If you are heading on out an adventure, make sure you pack your travelers journal so you can document your trip so you'll have memories that will last a lifetime!

Happy Crafting!