DIY Wire Heart Necklace

Posted by Adrianne Surian
Learn some beginner wire wrapping to create a simple wire heart necklace. String it on a delicate chain for an easy DIY gift or Valentine's Day accessory.

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Hi friends! Adrianne here with you today to share a simple wire jewelry project that's great for beginners. It only requires a few inches of wire and a couple of bends, making it a quick and inexpensive project for practicing your basic wire-shaping skills. String the simple wire heart on a lightweight chain, and you've got a minimalist piece that's great as a Valentine's Day gift or accessory, or something you can wear every day! Let's jump right in so I can show you how.

Here's what you'll need to make a wire heart necklace:

Cut 3-4 inches of 16 gauge wire to work with. The amount you ultimately need will depend on how large you make your heart, but you'll learn after a practice try or two what size you're most comfortable making. On one end of the wire, form a tiny circle by bending it around the tip of your pliers.

Next, move along the wire to form the first rounded top of your heart. Using the bottom of your pliers (the largest diameter of the pliers), bend the wire around to a little more than a 90 degree angle, working toward the bottom point of your heart shape.

Create the bottom point of the heart using the small tip of the pliers. You'll be forming all corners and curves using different points on your pliers, allowing you to form both large and small circles. I created my heart approximately 3/4" from top to bottom, but you may wish to make yours larger, or even smaller.

Try to mirror your first side of your heart and form the second top round of the heart. At this point, you can trim off any excess wire to make the last step as easy as possible. allow it to extend to the outer frame of the heart, and cut it with the flat side of your pliers facing the cut edge of the wire. (This side of the pliers will allow for a more flush cut of the wire, but it's not critical that it's cut in this way - just a tip to help you improve as you work!)

Finally, form the final loop of the heart opposite where you started your heart form. You can adjust the lengths, sizes, and size of the curves to suit your tastes - truly, you can make it all your own with just a few adjustments! This is just the most simple way to hide exposed wire and to create a pretty shape.

String the wire heart directly onto a chain, or add a jump ring before stringing it if you prefer. If you are making your own necklace to string it on, connect the lobster clasp pieces to each end of the chain with small jump rings, twisting them open and closed again with your chain nose pliers.

This piece is so simple, it will blend easily with many different jewelry styles. I hope you have fun with this technique because basic wire shaping will allow you to make all sorts of charms! Happy crafting!

~ Adrianne