DIY Valentine's Day Brunch Backdrop

Posted by Natalie Wright
This easy-to-make & trendy fringe backdrop is the perfect decor for a Valentine's Day Party.

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I just love holiday traditions so much, and one of my favorites is coming up! Every year, the weekend before Valentine's Day, I host a Sunday brunch with friends. It's quickly become one of my favorite parties to host. I think that Mom's need a little extra pampering around Valentine's Day, dontcha think?

This year, I decided to make a quick little backdrop for my serving table. It was really inexpensive to make, and I just love how it turned out!

To get started, first gather a few supplies:

To get started, first use your paper trimmer or scissors to cut your 12x12" paper in half. Then use the Trim and Score board to cut strips on each sheet of paper 1/4 inches wide.

Four 6x12" pieces of paper will easily create one row of fringe on your board. It took me just under twelve sheets to cover the whole thing. Also, I rotated my colors red, white, and pink, but you can use as many colors as you like.

After fringe cutting all of your paper, add double stick tape to the top of each stip.

Peel back the tape, and adhere your fringe paper to your board. You can also lay your tape down first in rows, then peel the entire strip and add paper. Whatever works best for you!

After all my fringe was attached to my foam board, I used scissors to lightly curl the bottom of each paper row. It's not necessary, but I like how it gives my fringe more depth and dimension.

That's it! It's really so easy to create, and I love that I can easily put it up for a party or event. It's such an inexpensive project with a lot of wow factor!

I love how it looks paired with some simple dishes, and of course I can't forget paper valentine straws. ;)

I can't wait for my Valentine's brunch! I think everyone is going to love my backdrop. This would make a fabulous photo booth backdrop too.

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