DIY Travel Crayon Holder

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Road trips can be brutal for parents if their kids have nothing to occupy their time. I have definitely been in the "Are we there yet?" boat before (sorry, mom and dad!). It's important to have activities on hand to entertain kids so they don't get bored, especially if the trip ahead of you is a long one.

When I was thinking about a crafty pastime for kids, drawing/coloring came to mind. I thought a portable crayon holder would be the perfect solution! The holder I created can store up to 7 crayons AND a mini notepad to allow your little artist hours of creating. As they create, their crayons stay safely in their home, removing the risk of their crayons rolling on to the floor. When your child is finished creating, their crayon holder can be folded over and tied to keep everything in place for next time!

What's your go-to activity for long road trips with your kids?

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

Cut your felt so it is 9 inches long (you can adjust the length based on the size of your notepad.). The width will remain at 12 inches.

Fold your felt in half and press down on the crease, defining the center.

First, we need to mark all of the places on our felt that need to be cut. Find the center of your felt. Place your ribbon 1/4 inch away from the center of your felt. Trace the end of your ribbon with your marker. This will be the line you cut to insert your ribbon through. Repeat this step on the right side of your felt.

Place your ruler 1/4 inch from the left side of your felt. Once again, center your ribbon and trace then end of it. Repeat this step on the right side of your felt to create the exit point for your ribbon.

Lay your notepad on the left hand side of your felt about an inch down. Then, trace the top of your notepad.

Time to create holders for your crayons! Find the center on the left side of your felt. Go down an inch from the top. Add two marks that are 1 and 3/8 inch long and an inch apart. Be sure to leave a 1/2 inch in-between each row. I added 7 slots for my crayons.

Grab your craft knife and begin going over all of your marks, cutting through your felt.

Starting on the left hand side, begin running your ribbon through the left, center, and right marks you made.

Add your crayons to the cuts you made on the left hand side of your felt.

Before I added my notepad to my felt, I decided to cover the front of it so it with fun patterned paper. :) All I did was lay my notepad on top of my paper (below the black tape on it), I traced around the sides, cut it out, and glued it to the cover of my notepad.

Take the back of your notepad and slide it in the slit you made on the right hand side.

There you have it, the perfect road-trip activity to keep your kids creative for hours!