DIY Tissue Paper Apple Card for a Teacher

Posted by Andreja Vucajnk
Surprise your teacher with this lovely handmade tissue paper apple card.

As the new school year is almost upon us, why not sit down with your kids and make a lovely tissue paper apple card to surprise the teacher. Whether your kids are getting a new teacher or are spending another year with their favorite teacher they will all appreciate a little card.

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  • red tissue paper
  • green tissue paper or plain green paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • blank green card (you can make it out of construction paper)
  • white construction paper
  • markers
  • pencil
  • foam letter stickers

If you are working with tissue paper that has layers, the first thing you need to do is separate the layers.

Once layers are separated, cut the red tissue paper into small squares, around 1.5 inch will work out just fine. Bigger squares will make bigger tissue paper balls that are easier to handle by younger kids, so find a size that works for your child.

Cut a rectangle out of white construction paper, making it a bit smaller than the size of the green card.

Using the pencil, draw an outline of the apple on the white card (gently press the pencil).

Time to make a ton of red tissue paper balls, one at a time. Take one piece of red tissue paper and squish it into a little ball. To make it even more firm, roll the little ball between your palms for a little while. You will need quite a few of these.

When you feel you have made a decent amount it's time to move onto the next step (you can always make more later).

Apply white school glue within the outline and start popping on the red tissue paper balls. Gently press down each tissue paper ball. Add more glue as you go.

When you are done, draw apple stem with a brown marker and glue on or draw a leaf on the stem.

Glue the white card onto the green card.

Let's personalize the card. You can either have your kid write the name of their teacher by hand or use foam letter stickers (or any other alphabet stickers) to finish the card, either way it will look cute.

The card is now ready to make one teacher's day.