DIY Tin Can Overhaul

Posted by Kim Dellow

I’m going through a bit of a tin can obsession at the moment. Whenever we open a food can I’m having a hard time putting it out to recycle and I’m getting quite a collection ready for a bit of upcycling. That is where this project comes from – my ever growing collection of old food cans!

What You Will Need:

Tin can (washed and dry)

Melissa Frances Medium Newstead Frame (you can also use these!)

Plaid Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre

Studio Calico LemonLush 6”x6” paper pad (check out all of our paper here)

DCWV Burlap Mat Stack (you can also use burlap ribbon)

3D-adesive foam

Seam ribbon



Marker pen - black (optional)

Let's Make!

Cut pieces of burlap to fit the tin can by holding them against the can and folding over the excess, then cut along the fold line.

Glue the Burlap in place with Mod Podge and tie a piece of seam ribbon around the centre of the can.

Tie the string into a multi-looped bow:

1. Loop the string a few times around three fingers.

2. Pass the end of the string around the loops on your fingers into a loose loop and back to the front of your hand.

3. Now feed the end of the string into a knot by passing it back through the loose loop you have created.

4. Pull the end of the string to tighten the knot around the loops on your fingers and remove the bow from your hand.

Cover the back of the resin frame with designer paper and sketch a monogram on the back of another piece of paper and cut it out, edge with a marker pen, and stick it in the frame with 3D-foam then stick the frame to the tin can.


remember to reverse the monogram when you sketch it on the back of the paper!

There you have it, a new bit of upcycled storage. I went for a 'B' as my monogram it makes a great brush storage but I can also use the can as a vase for blooms if the fancy takes me. What monogram will you use and what will you store in your overhauled tin can?

Kim Dellow