DIY Tim Holtz Word Band Friendship Bracelets

Posted by Adrianne Surian
If you love papercrafting and jewelry making, learn how to combine your favorite components of each into beautiful friendship bracelets.

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I have two main loves when it comes to crafting - jewelry, and paper crafting. Jewelry is awesome, because it allows you to wear your finished projects and show off your personal style. But most paper crafts are kind of limiting on that front. When I spotted these Tim Holtz Ideaology Word Bands on my last Blitsy shopping spree, I had to have them, because I knew that with a bit of hemp, I could turn them into natural fiber friendship bracelets in keeping with Tim Holtz' signature distressed style. What's especially awesome about these word bands is that they also come in inspirational messages, and holiday messages, too! So you will never run out of ways to express yourself.

Here's what you need to make each bracelet:

  • Tim Holtz Ideaology Word Bands - Observations
  • 7.5 feet of 20 lb. hemp (cut to 6 strands, 15 inches each)
  • Scissors
  • Clipboard to secure your work
  • Curved surface, such as a jar, glass, or can of spray paint

First, the bands will fit your wrist better if you curve them slightly. You can do this by pressing it against a sturdy curved surface like a jar, a glass, or a can of spray paint. Press down on each side, until it bends slightly.

Next, cut 6 strands of hemp to a length of 15 inches each. Take three cords, and double them at the center point. Tie a lark's head knot onto one end of the word band. To do this, poke the loop-end through the hole in the tag, and then feed the tails through the loop. Pull the knot snug. You will now have six strands of hemp just over 7 inches long, securely fastened to the end of your word band. Repeat the knot on the other side of the word band with the other 3 strands of hemp.

Secure your bracelet at the knot, and separate the 6 strands into three parts. I like to use a clipboard for this step, but you can also pin your bracelet to a pillow, or use whatever method works best for you to hold the bracelet stead while you braid. Braid the three parts together - you can use a simple, 3-part braid for an easy and pretty finished result.

Braid each side for 2 1/2 inches (that's for a woman's wrist - you should add an extra inch to each side for a man's wrist) and then tie an overhand knot at the end of each side to finish your bracelet. If you want it to be easily removable, you can cut the tails off to a 1/4 inch length and add a 5mm glue-on end cap with some E6000. Otherwise, just trim the ends enough so that they're even, and they're ready to be tied-on in the traditional friendship bracelet style!

You can use any color, any word, or any phrase to fit your purpose, and the natural fibers are the perfect match for the distressed look of the Observations word bands - making this a fun crossover project for both jewelry-makers and paper crafters.

Thanks for joining me for today's fun and simple project. Happy crafting!