DIY Thanksgiving Day Tray Set

Posted by Katie King
Wanna add festive DIY fun to your Thanksgiving Day table? Learn how to create your unique set of wooden Thanksgiving Day trays

One thing that never gets talked about that much (at least in my opinion) is Thanksgiving Day home décor. It could be that most people are too concerned about what food they will be serving, compared to the décor on their table. I feel like during October were all busy making Halloween crafts, then we crafters just pass go and start making Christmas crafts!

Now don't get me wrong, Christmas crafts are where it's at, but we still have time to show Thanksgiving Day some love. Right?

So today I will be showing you guys how you can turn a set of plain wooden trays into some fun Thanksgiving Day trays!

Now the set of trays that I'm using for this project starts with a size that is 4.25'' x 7.5'' (the smallest tray) and goes to 6.75'' x 10.25'' (the biggest tray). This particular set of trays (I feel) is more designed for displaying small lightweight items. For example, displaying wrapped candy, a small bowl of nuts or maybe some of your fall décor (like mini pumpkins). I would not recommend using this particular set of trays to carry drinks or any type of Thanksgiving Day food.

However, if that’s the look and function you're seeking, then I would check out this larger set trays when doing this project.

Along those same lines, I did not use any other protective coating when making these trays beside Mod Podge. This is because I had planned to use these trays for more decorative purposes and knew they wouldn't be getting much wear and tear. However, if you know that you're really going to use your trays, then I would recommend covering the inside bottom portion of your tray with either a layer of resin or Dimensional Magic.

To find out how to make your own set of Thanksgiving Day Trays, just check out the full tutorial below!


  • Multicraft Paintable Wood Trays
  • Martha Stewart Satin Paint ( I used Chestnut Brown and Carrot )
  • Sweater Weather Paper Die-Cuts
  • Mod Podge (I used the gloss finish)
  • Foam Brush
  • Gold Paint Pen
Paint each of your trays brown and set them aside to dry.

Once your trays are dry, you can begin distressing them!

Now in order to distress your trays, you will take some orange paint and squeeze a small amount onto a paper plate. Then take your paper towel and dab it into your paint.

When you have paint on your paper towel, take the paper towel and gently rub it across your tray. You may want to start with the edges (to see if you like the look), then move onto ''distressing'' the main areas of your tray.

Keep repeating this step, until you're happy with how your tray looks. When you are satisfied, set your tray aside to dry. Then repeat this step with your other three trays.

Arrange your paper die-cuts inside your tray. Once you're happy with how it looks, glue each paper die-cut down with some Mod Podge. Then set it aside to dry. Repeat this step with your other three trays.

Take your gold paint pen and paint the edge of your tray. Once you've completed one tray, repeat this step on the other three trays.

When all your trays are completely dry, you're ready to display them!

These trays turned out so cute and each one kind-of has their own personality! My favorite tray would definitely be the third one which includes the fox paper die-cut.

If you made your own set of Thanksgiving Day Trays, how would you use yours?