DIY Temporary Tattoos

Posted by Chrissie Tobas
Kids love temporary tattoos! Learn (from a kid) how easy it is to make customized tattoos with this kit!

I don't know about you, but in our house, temporary tattoos are like gold to my daughter. Anytime she gets any, she has to put as many as possible on her hands and arms. The fashion sense of little ones, huh?! :)

As soon as I saw this kit on sale at Blitsy, I knew it would be perfect for my daughter! And sure enough, as soon as I gave it to her, she started jumping up and down and couldn't wait to get started. There are so many different images in the kit, perfect for both boys and girls. This would be a great craft to do at a birthday party or even a Scout Meeting since it's all pre-done! All you really have to do is cut out the images (they give dotted lines, so there is no guesswork about cutting too close to anything). The only thing that takes time is actually placing the tattoo on and adding the water, but it only takes about 30 second for it to take hold.

Supplies You WIll Need:

Creativity for Kids - Fresh Ink Color-In Tattoos Kits

I hope you enjoy the video (and my daughter's crafty sassiness)! It's been a few days since we've created these tattoos and they are still going strong with almost no wear showing. The ink washed off, but she was thrilled - she could color it back in again! If you're worried about them not coming off, they are easily removed with baby oil or even coconut oil.

Happy Crafting!