DIY Stitched Flower Card

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Create a lovely stitched flower card with a little help from We R Memory Keepers!

I heart We R Memory Keepers! They seriously have the most amazing products that make paper crafting so fun and easy!

I used four products from We R Memory Keepers to create a quick stitched flower card. I knew I wanted to use the stitch piercer, but panicked a bit because I couldn't find any green to use for the stem of my flower. My panic forced me to get super creative and think outside of the box. Do you know what I ended up using as my "thread"??? Give up? I ended up using tulle! I remembered I had a ton of tulle left over from another project I had done. I ended up giving tulle a try and (surprisingly) it worked great as a thread alternative! Go ahead and add "tulle" to the list of materials that can be used with the We R Stitch Piercer! Ha!

Here's what you'll need:

  • We R Memory Keepers Card Punch, Round Corners, 3" x 4"
  • We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy Paper Stitching Piercer Tool
  • We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy Template - Flourish
  • We R Memory Keepers Piercing Tool and Piercing Mat
  • American Crafts Stickers Flower Shoppe Glitter Foam Loraine
  • Card
  • Cardstock
  • Glue
  • Tulle
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Quote Stamp
  • Ink Pad

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Place your cardstock inside your card punch and press down. You will open the window of the punch to retrieve your card.

Step 2: Place your card on top of your piercing mat. Run your stitch piercer over your paper. Start a little bit above the bottom of your card and go up about 1 and 1/4 inch.

Step 3: Cut your tulle so it is 1/4 inch wide and 6 inches long. Tie a knot at the end of your tulle. Then, thread your needle with your tulle. Start sewing at the bottom hole. You will do a back stitch to sew in all of your holes. When you get to the last hole, tie a knot, and trim your tulle.

Step 4: Take your WRMK Flourish Template and lay it over your card so one of the leaves is coming off of the center of your stem. Use your piercer to punch through the holes on the leaf template. Then, stitch in the holes with your tulle.

Step 5: Once your stem is complete, place your Glitter Foam Sticker on top. Then, glue your flower card to your actual card.

Step 6: Stamp your message above your flower. I added another piece of cardstock below my flower for added detail.